OFF White Logo Woolen Panel Jacket


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Off White 22FW Winter Heavyweight New Multi Element Logo Woolen Panel Jacket Thickened Cotton Coat Off White originated from the streets but is not limited to the streets. As a luxury item in the trend, there are always “awe inspiring” items that come to your attention with cool and dazzling patterns, just like the full advertising design of a motorcycle suit. In addition to being beautiful, it also has a street eye-catching effect. The design of the baseball jacket, the large body of the woolen material, is spliced with leather sleeves, neckline, and collar The thick threaded stitching at the hem and cuffs, with black and white contrasting colors, reflects the luxurious feeling of off white. The full body flocked embroidery label integrates street elements and off’s iconic pattern. The back features off white in large letters and an extraterrestrial like shape, expressing the designer’s meditative mood. It is still a loose silhouette style, a street style that can be controlled by both men and women. Wool thread closure, genuine leather texture microfiber leather lining with dense, comfortable, and cotton for grid machine embroidery, with regular patterns and moderate thickness, keeping you warm and worry free throughout the winter! The sleeves are made of Australian imported calf leather, which is processed, shaped, colored, washed, and retains the original grain structure! Thick, plump, and round embroidery is done using imported towel embroidery machines. Each piece of embroidery is directly embroidered on the fabric, and the fastness and texture are very three-dimensional! Ribs are made of cotton yarn with fixed dyeing and weaving, while roving is woven on a flat knitting machine, without pilling. Cotton is skin friendly and has a strong sense of three-dimensional effect


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