OFF White Black Denim Jacket


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OFF WHITE New Tape Sticker Arrow OW Men’s and Women’s Black Denim Jacket. Original Quality 22fw Brand New Official Collar, with Anti Counterfeit Technology on the Back, Truly Over Brilliant Off white 2022SS BLACK TAPE ARROWS DENIM JACKET Yellow Rubber Striped Denim Denim Coat, Significantly Branded, Unique High Street Style! The printing revolves around the latest industrial style elements of adhesive tape in spring and summer 2020 (the main theme of this season), the stylized design on the classic framework, superimposes a layer of foundation make-up color glue with graffiti effect on the printing, and the colorful effect on the color has its own layers, which is visually very themed. It seems to be pasted with a layer of adhesive tape, which has a little dark sense of self destruction, and makes the design feel brilliant! Heavyweight black tannins, more tough and retro, featuring elements of heavy craftsmanship and a micro silhouette that can be controlled by both men and women! The street inkjet arrow denim is worth looking forward to every year’s city restrictions, and the arrow symbol on the back of the sign is given a different form due to different city restrictions. Surrounded by more street style inkjet elements, large arrows on the back, and frequent OFF circle graffiti in autumn and winter, the various small logos on the chest are the latest elements of autumn and winter, exuding the inkjet feeling of street graffiti everywhere! Full set of customized accessories! Strict quality control! Same level as the purchasing counter.


Size Clothes Length(CM) Shoulder Width(CM) Chest Circumference(CM)
M 66 48 110
L 68 49 114
XL 70 50 118


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