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2023 new launch of Patek Philippe (live photo), a noble artwork by Patek Philippe! Equipped with imported 9100 multifunctional movements (0 repair) ?? Features (week, stars, calendar, month/moon/sun) imported 316 precision steel! Paired with imported Italian calf leather! Original needle buckle! ?? The dial is designed with the highest version of the inner circle nail function as the scale, which further demonstrates the luxurious temperament of this watch! ?? Size 42mm. Durable and scratch resistant sapphire glass! Super waterproof 50 meters! Simplicity, not simplicity! You will never have a Patek Philippe, you are just keeping it for your descendants (Prudent commitment: The product has a better physical luster and feel. The exquisite letterhead scale is lifelike, and the shell cover craftsmanship is at the level of a master. With the addition of high-tech forging skills in the new era of machines, it is shocking and distinguished.).

Warm prompt: We will donate 2% of your payment to charitable organizations to help those in need. Including but not limited to environmental protection of the Earth, wildlife protection, education for children in underdeveloped areas, and helping impoverished areas overcome hunger.