Zoom X, Zoom Air, React are all here!

As a pure running equipment party, running fast depends mainly on shoes!

With thousands of equipment, I always want to try it, always want to have all of it, and feel my pocket, economic conditions are not allowed, so in the face of limited wages and unlimited desire to buy, I chose “you can have it”.

Today, let’s talk about the three pairs of Nike running shoes that will start in 2022. The prices are more reasonable in order from low to high.

1. Nike react miller

The Nike react miller is currently released for three generations. I bought the first generation in January this year, and I bought it at Ole. I think this is probably the most affordable react running shoe on the market.

I used navy blue overall for this pair of shoes, with a white react midsole. The upper part uses mesh cloth, which is the most affordable and common upper material.

The feet of react technology are soft and elastic, and it is very comfortable to wear, but it is not perfect. With the increase of wearing time, obvious wrinkles will occur after being stressed, which is irreversible and unavoidable.

In the outsole part, in order to protect the react midsole and improve the service life, the front and rear palms are covered with wear-resistant rubber.


NIKE ZOOM X INVINCIBLE RUN FK is currently in the second generation. I bought the first generation. What is the reason? I have no money! So if you don’t choose the color, you can’t choose it. The fluorescent color is outstanding, and the price is low, which is not good! The flyknit woven material used on the upper has good air permeability, it will not cover your feet in summer, and your feet will not be cold in winter.

The midsole uses Nike‘s leading technology brand zoom x, which has not shrunk at all. Its advantages are good rebound, excellent ability feedback, and comfortable foot feel. Like react, the disadvantage of zoom x is that there will be wrinkles when you step on it, so from the arch of the foot to the back of the palm, it simply uses a “pothole” design.

In order to improve stability, the heel position has been widened, not only with TPU surround, but also with short reflective vertical strips to improve the safety of night running.

3. Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next%

The previous pair of shoes were brightly colored, and this pair of Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% returns to black and white. Where are these shoes sold? The selling point is that it integrates Zoom X, Zoom Air and react materials with one shoe, and the midsole is embedded with a synthetic board to help, which is very, very rolly in terms of paper configuration!

It is impossible to have all the advantages and no disadvantages. The sure thing about this pair of shoes is the “sound”. The forefoot air cushion runs well and has a loud sound, and it is easy to break. In addition, the synthetic plate in the midsole is also much worse than the carbon plate. Fortunately, the outsole is durable enough for daily long-distance training and intervals.

Well, this is the three pairs of Nike running shoes I bought so far, and I feel very good wearing them! Thank you for viewing this article.


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