Why do bad street Air Jordan still dominate the world of young people?

Why did you buy a pair of AJ shoes with a few hundred dollars on a certain treasure? Knowing that they are fake shoes, many people are still willing to buy them. Because really AJ can’t afford it.

A pair of genuine AJ, ranging from hundreds to thousands, as many as several thousand, if it is a limited edition, it is even more scary, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

The Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) worn by Jordan in the fifth game of the 1997 NBA Finals sold for $100,000 after 16 years, equivalent to about 700,000 yuan. 700,000, what concept, you can have a luxury car of your own. It means that a Shanghai lady is willing to spend a wonderful evening with you.

Why is the AJ of the rotten street so fragrant?

First of all, let’s understand the past and present life of AJ. AJ is the abbreviation of “Air Jordan”, which indicates that the owner of this shoe is Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA star in history. It is also Jordan’s unprecedented record in the NBA that makes the AJ series the best-selling shoe of Nike so far.

In 1984, Jordan, who had just entered the league, longed to join forces with Adi. At the time, Converse was the main sponsor of the league, followed by Adidas. Nike was equivalent to today’s Erke at that time, and it had no presence in the entire American market. Occasionally, a copycat of Onitsuka Tiger will launch a few shoes that the American people don’t like to see. Nike knows that if it wants to quickly occupy the market, it must sign an NBA superstar.

Superstars like Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas and Larry Bird have either partnered with Converse or invested in Adi. There aren’t many options left for Nike.

When Nike reached out to Jordan through an agent, Jordan declined at the time. The agent had to convince the old man’s mother that Jordan reluctantly signed a contract with Nike.

Nike, which desperately needed the NBA market, agreed to all of Jordan’s rude demands – to develop a signature special sneaker for a first-year NBA rookie, Jordan himself has a permanent copyright fee. After retiring, Jordan stayed at home and made hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

The fledgling Jordan quickly conquered fans all over the world with amazing data, with countless fans. That year, AJ’s sales have reached an astonishing more than 100 million US dollars.

With the influence of television broadcasts, Jordan became a national idol of that era throughout the 1990s. 6 championships, let Jordan exist like a god. Nike is also making a lot of money.

AJ’s popularity in China was after 2000. In 1999, China joined the WTO, and Nike opened a factory in Fujian, China. Expensive prices make Chinese people stay away. Even now, an AJ that is popular in the season costs thousands.

The development of the Internet has accelerated the path of AJ civilianization.

Before and after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China’s economy entered a period of rapid development. Putian AJ appeared in everyone’s field of vision at the right time. PT people shouted a beautiful slogan: let every Chinese have a pair of AJ.

Some people say that it is a high imitation, a cottage, and a fake shoe.

The initial stage of national economic development is always accompanied by some pains. Germany, Japan, the United States, there is no copycat road in the initial stage of industry in that country.

Imitation has practically solved the needs of a large part of the Chinese people, and it has also stimulated the growth of GDP. We know it’s not a long-term solution, but we know it’s a path we must take.

A pair of AJ made in china can be sold for thousands of dollars, and we only get less than one thousandth of the labor remuneration. The same shoe, from the same production line, but our name is Li Ning, can only sell for one-tenth of Nike’s. Brand value makes us inherently lose our advantage.

OEM, counterfeiting, OEM, re-engraving, cottage, came into being. Chinese national enterprises are forced to live or die. Intellectual property makes us subject to the oppression of capitalism everywhere.

Just search for a PT AJ in Baidu, and search for tens of thousands of entries – AJ with better quality than Nike.

Some people say that Putian shoes are fake shoes, parallel imports, and pits.

Do you know Putian shoes? Have you ever bought real Putian shoes?

Putian shoes do have quality problems? Does Nike have quality problems? Are the hairy crabs in Yangcheng Lake authentic?

Those who say that Putian shoes are of poor quality, you just met a bad seller. A real conscience seller will tell you what real Putian shoes are.

How to choose a good pair of Putian AJ, first you have to meet a conscientious seller. He will tell you the difference between true Air Jordan. Currency, produced by small workshops, without technical content, some small workshop workers can also be skilled. True standard, produced by a certain scale of manufacturers, 1:1 replica, there are defects in some technical links, resulting in first-class products, and the quality cannot satisfy customers. Company-level, large-scale goods, regardless of worker skills or production equipment, can be comparable to foundries.

Some manufacturers directly employ foundry management and technical personnel. The only shortcoming is that they do not design class breaks, nor do they have a research and development team. Pure original, as the name suggests, is exactly the same as the original. A joke a few years ago, a batch of 220,000 pairs of AJ was checked by the US customs in San Francisco, and the Nike staff could not identify the true and false. Finally, after pulling the shipping list, I found that Nike did not have this shipment. Is Chunyuan really that powerful?

He is really great. There are not many manufacturers that can produce pure raw materials. All of them were originally a foundry of a certain brand. For some reason, there was no order for the manufacturer to face bankruptcy, so they had to start labeling production. They can hire designers from overseas Nike companies, cut them according to the 1:1 division of the real product, study the materials, materials, and designs, and then process them according to the 1:1 raw materials. As mentioned earlier, they used to be a foundry, with complete procurement channels, first-class assembly line equipment, skilled workers, and more importantly, they also have their own R&D team. The shoes produced by these manufacturers, except that they cannot be scanned into the official website, can completely pass the identification of any organization in other aspects.

For economic reasons, you can try to start with a pair of pure original AJ. It is particularly pointed out here that the quality of Dongguan AJ is higher than that of Putian AJ. Why? Because Dongguan AJ is the product of the original Nike foundry. Really, the same production line produces the same workmanship. The fabric, leather, and molding are completely executed according to the quality of the original order.

There is a very classic saying circulating on the Internet: the real shoes are worn out, and the Putian shoes are the ones that are not worn out.Today, AJ has not only become one of the nba logos, but has also successfully penetrated the market of young people. Whether it is on the basketball court of the campus, a group of sunny teenagers play ball in AJ, or a secluded corner of the campus, two men and women who are in love, each wearing a pair of AJ, strolling under the sunset.

AJ also has a fashion introduction. Young people, especially students, have a pair of cool sneakers, adding a bit of sunshine and handsomeness. No matter how you match it, AJ can make you unique.


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