Which sneakers are the best to own? Yeezy and NikeAF1 are on the list, AJ is the worst choice!

Everyone must know that a pair of good-looking sneakers can make your overall look more beautiful, but not just a little bit. With so many options on the market, which pair should you buy? In order to help you understand which sneakers to wear on what occasions, the editor summarizes the five types of sneakers you need to have to help you make a better choice.


This type of sneakers is very versatile, whether it is going to work or going out on the street, it can well control any of your outfits. A classic pair of black or white sneakers blends well with your outfit, can be worn all year round, and never goes out of style because it is classic.

For example Air Force 1. Designer Bruce Kilgore is the founder of Nike Air Force 1. This classic sneaker was born in 1982. Although Nike discontinued this sneaker in 1984, because of the high demand, Nike decided to re-launch the Air Force 1. Force 1 brought back the public eye.

Thick sole design and Nike air cushion technology, Air Force 1 has the best comfort in addition to the appearance, and the simple design is timeless, it is one of the best classic masterpieces.In addition to classic styles like AF1, other brands also have many representative works. For example, the classic designs of adidas’ Continental 80, Vans’ Sk8-Hi, New Balance’s 990v4 and other styles can make it easy and stress-free to match any look.


Classic may not be the most important, for someone who wears sneakers all day, comfort is actually the most important choice. When it comes to comfort, everyone may think of boost. As the most popular cushioning black technology design, it has always been regarded as the most comfortable sneaker series in history, but many people think that the soft foot feel of boost is not really comfortable.

The Air Max 720, the thickest air-cushioned shoe in history, was born a few months ago, and the thickness of the air-cushion alone reached 38mm. The more air in the sole greatly improves the comfort, and it is also visually full of technology.

If you feel that the air cushion of 720 is too thick, the comfortable design of YEEZY Boost 700 V2 “Geode”, Moon Racer QS and PUMA Cell Venom may be more suitable for you.

Abrasion resistance

Wear-resistant sneakers are usually inexpensive, very durable, and never have to worry about scratches or wear. No matter how tormented, this type of sneaker can withstand it. Hundreds of times you will still love them as you unbox them because they really last.

When it comes to wear resistance, Reebok’s Club C85 is number one. Not only is this shoe comfortable to wear, but the durable grain-leather fabric will keep it from breaking. If it gets some dust, it will make it look better. This shoe is the best choice for cheap and not distressed.

Vans OG Old Skool, ASICS Gel-Kayano 5, Reebok DMX Series 1200 LT, etc. are also affordable styles. The wear-resistant design allows you to wear whatever you want without worrying about maintenance.


In addition to comfortable, classic, and durable, now let’s talk about show-stopping. A pair of YEEZY Boost or Nike x OFF-WHITE may be enough to attract attention, but you will pay more attention to those shoes that you don’t usually see.

For example, like Balenciaga‘s Track Sneakers series. This shoe, launched in 2018, may be the most eye-catching sneaker style of the fashion brand. The design is inspired by the pigeon cage, and the thick sole and high-tech design such as LED make it a new generation of popular old shoes. Not as bulky as the Triple S looks, but it’s also Balenciaga’s most interesting shoe at the moment.

If Balenciaga is not your thing, you can consider 1017 ALYX 9SM, LV’s Archlight Sneaker, Dior, etc., which will definitely make you the person with the highest rate of return on the street.

Light luxury

Although a pair of light luxury sneakers is not from fashion brands such as PRADA, LV, DIOR, but they have a very fun and representative structural design.

The iconic sneaker Fushion launched by Maison Margiela was born in FW18. This highly-returned design adopts the details of old, overflowing and “tattered” details, and has attracted great attention.

Another light luxury representative Common Projects has always been loved by the public. The simple design and classic shoe shape make it a popular model among small white shoes. In addition, Acne Studios’ Steffey Sneakers and Jacquemus’s yellow Le Gadjo are also niche luxury models that many people choose. And AJ, the most popular shoe style, does not belong to any of the above types. If you put aside the emotional factor, AJ is indeed the most unworthy shoe style.


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