The price difference is nearly 10 times, which pair will you pick between NB550 and LV Trainer?

The editor recently found that many friends are still keen on Vibe style, from clothes to sneakers, they all give people a retro style of the 90s. If you want to match the Vibe style of retro style, what kind of sneakers are the most suitable? The editor has also thought about this question for a long time, and finally found the answer under the recommendation of a hipster friend – of course, this pair of New Balance 550s that have been popular recently!

New Balance 550 is actually a pair of replica running shoes brought back by NEW BALANCE in ​​recent years. It was originally born in 1989. Once it came out, it was sought after by young people at that time and became a masterpiece of Varsity campus style. Now it has become a Vibe style hobby. A pair of “ordered items” for each person.

However, when I saw this pair of New Balance 550, the editor inexplicably gave birth to a sense of familiarity – I feel like where these sneakers look like? Isn’t it LOUIS VUITTON‘s balloon shoes LV Trainer who “break the world” in recent years!

LV Trainer can be said to be a “milestone” work created by Virgil for LOUIS VUITTON, which suddenly brought this “inhumane” luxury brand into the field of view of sneaker lovers. There is no lack of street culture in the design of LV Trainer, and it also creates a sense of light luxury through high-quality workmanship, which is undoubtedly the best choice for the high street crowd.

So how similar are the two pairs of NB 550 and LV Trainer, whose prices are nearly ten times different? Today, Xiaobian and you will take a good look at the similarities and differences from the shoe type to the design~

First of all, we can analyze the similarities of the two pairs of shoes from the perspective of the overall shape of the shoes. The overall main style is inspired by the design of the sneakers in the 1990s, which also leads to the narrow and long shoes of the two pairs of shoes. In addition, the heel lines of NB550 and LV Trainer are basically vertical, and the side walls of the shoes are decorated with a circle of borders. These features coincide with the shape of the sneakers that swept the campus crowd in the 1990s.

Careful observation of the outsole design of the pair of sneakers can be said to be very similar.

As for the difference, it lies in the details of the shape design of the two pairs of sneakers, such as routing and stitching, which have their own ingenuity. In addition, the two pairs of sneakers naturally have their own iconic features of the brand. For example, the LV Trainer shoe body has a special signature design, and the NB550 is presented with New Balance‘s consistent N logo. In addition, there are also obvious differences in the placement of the logo design.

It is not without reason to call the NB550 the “twin” of the LVTrainer. There are also many fashionistas who have demonstrated the wearing of these two pairs of Vibe style sneakers. Let’s take a look with the editor!

Vibe-style players want to play with LV Trainer, in addition to regular items such as baseball jackets, they can also try the combination of inner wear + jacket, and the multi-level high-end atmosphere is more holistic.

The NB550 featuring retro turquoise green and white is paired with a suit of the same color, showing a clean and refreshing youthful feel.

NB550 vs LV Trainer, which pair will you pick? Come and chat with your friends in the comment section below!


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