Which one is better between AJ and YEEZY, analysis from all angles will give you the answer

Now the two most famous sneaker brands in the world are Nike and Adidas. According to an authoritative sneaker market list, nike is still the sneaker brand with the largest market share, followed by his old rival. Adidas, their two brands have occupied 56% of the market share, which is a very amazing data, which means that half of the sports products of the world are their two brands. As the saying goes, one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers. Nike and Adidas have always been in a relatively fierce competition. The products of the two brands have their own characteristics and are very consistent. It can be said that many products exist to compete with each other. Yes, but it is precisely because of such competition that there are so many excellent shoes.

So what products do they have that are similar? For example, Nike’s latest cushioning technology react material is designed to compete with Adidas’ boost cushioning material. The characteristics of these two materials are different, but they are both very good cushioning materials. It is difficult to compare which is better. There are also shoe upper materials Nike’s flyknit and Adidas’ Primekni are both woven uppers, which are similar in function. In addition to these technical materials, there are also their sneaker series, of which the most popular ones are NIKE’s AJ and ADIDAS’ YEEZY series. These two series are the leading shoes of their respective brands, so let’s take a look at the characteristics of these two shoes.

On Influence

Influence is an important indicator of whether a sneaker brand is popular, and for both brands, the influence is not low. The first is the AJ series, which has always been a very high status in the hearts of sneaker lovers. Brand, because of Jordan’s story bonus, many people can see the story behind a pair of shoes. Therefore, AJ is very popular in the sneaker circle. His audience is some more sentimental old toe caps, which are loved by many senior sneaker players. YEEZY is a brand of American rappers kanye and Adidas. This is a brand founded by kanye after switching to Adidas, so it is still a relatively new brand, but due to kanye’s influence and hype, YEEZY has a high popularity in the world. In China, it has become a brand recognized by trendy young people.

On Design

AJ’s designs are all from the hands of many famous designers, so there are many very distinctive places in the design, and because the designer is not alone, you can see different things on each generation of AJ, this It is also the reason why many people think that some AJ are good-looking and some are not good-looking. In the AJ series, every pair is very classic, and the sneakers designed with different things as inspiration are very distinctive, and with Jordan’s story rendering, let the original ordinary shoes. The shoes also have a soul. YEEZY‘s shoes are just the opposite. All yeezy shoes are designed by Kanye himself, but I have to say that Kanye’s design skills are still very high. Every yeezy is very good-looking and has Kanye’s characteristics. The more advanced design in design will make many players who are new to sneakers like it.

On trends

As we all know, yeezy has gone through an era of “coconut for all people” in China. There was a period of time when it became popular in the country. Everyone wore coconut shoes. Although many of them are fake, they can be seen often. However, because of the impact of Nike last year, yeezy gradually lost its popularity and has been mediocre in the sneaker circle. Although new products are occasionally released, it has not caused much movement in the sneaker circle. On the other hand, the current AJ has become a popular shoe. Because of the influence of Douyin, AJ shoes are now “bad street” and can be seen almost everywhere. This seems to be taking the back road of YEEZY. I like to encounter things, so for AJ’s “bad street”, it is the right choice to put on YEEZY again.

These two most successful series are actually not comparable, because they are too similar, but they each have their own characteristics, so different people have different opinions. In fact, sneakers do not have to be high and low. All shoes All have their charms, as long as they like them, they are good, and if they don’t like them, they will not feel good.


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