Which is better, Canada Goose or Moncler? After comparison, you will find: the down jacket is really not the more expensive the better

When it comes to big-name down jackets, we have to mention Canada Goose and Moncler.

They are all Internet celebrity brands with their own halo. The price of a single down jacket is tens of thousands of yuan. On the surface, it looks peaceful, but in fact, it is secretly competing. It is often compared and regarded as the object of each other’s battle.

Canada Goose VS Moncler, who is better? Are down jackets really the more expensive the better? Let’s analyze it one by one today.

About Canada Goose

Canada Goose, the “king of down jackets”, is known as the LV of the down jacket industry. The reputation is not small, the price is not low, the popularity is quite high, but the configuration is quite general.

Many people have a soft spot for Canada Goose down jackets, mostly because the brand name has the word “goose”, a seemingly inconspicuous Chinese character, but it makes people mistakenly think that Canada Goose down jackets are filled with goose down.

In fact, 90% of Canada Goose’s down jackets are filled with duck down, and only a few extreme cold series use goose down.

The warmth is average, but the price is quite expensive, most of which are gimmicks + hype, just like China’s Li Ning, the more popular it is, the more expensive it will be.

About Moncler

Moncler is known as the “Emperor of Feather”, Hermes in the down jacket industry, the name sounds great, and the configuration is quite good.

Many people are turned away by the high price of Moncler down jackets, but ignore its exquisite workmanship and materials.

All down jackets are filled with “four pieces of goose down”, with a down content of up to 90%, and a higher-than-standard filling and bulkiness, resulting in superior quality and excellent thermal insulation.

Differences between Canada Goose and Moncler

Canada Goose VS Moncler, the price is similar, the fame and popularity are also comparable, but the gap is obvious.

① In terms of quality, Canada Goose is not as good as Moncler

In fact, it is obvious that the quality gap between Canada Goose and Moncler is in the filler.

As we all know, goose down is better than duck down in warmth retention, and the material has no peculiar smell. At the same price, Moncler down jackets are better than Canada Goose down jackets in terms of warmth, cleanliness and cost performance.

② In terms of style, Moncler has a more sense of design

The only design of Canada Goose, which is its signature, is the parka and down jacket. The style design is single and featureless, which is obviously behind the current fashion trend.

The design style of Moncler down jacket can be described by words such as boldness and imaginativeness. The style, version and color matching are very distinctive, and the joint names with designers such as JW Anderson and Fragment are also endless.

③ On the collision rate, Canada Goose is definitely a “bad street”

Moncler is a popular brand with a niche style design, and fashion personality is a label, while the Canada Goose down jacket has become a “bad street style”. Walking on the street ten steps and nine wear big geese, the collision rate is comparable to “school uniforms”. north.

The most critical point is that there are more “fake goose” on the market than “real goose”, and the seemingly popular actually lowers the grade of Canada geese.

Which is better, Canada Goose or Moncler?

Returning to the core question of the content of this issue, which is better, Canada Goose or Moncler?

In fact, according to the comparison of the gap between the two, the answer is obvious, regardless of quality, style and fashion, Moncler is better.

So the question is: why are two brands with such a big gap, the prices are similar?

To be honest, most down jackets with high prices do not mean that they are better in terms of warmth retention and quality. Most of them are brand premiums, and the cost may not be as good as an ordinary down jacket of $200.


Canada Goose and Moncler are like Bosideng and Yalu. The lessons learned are: buy down jackets not just by brand, and down jackets are not as expensive as possible.

Sincere suggestion: When buying down jackets, don’t pay too much attention to brand and price, style and warmth are the first!


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