Which is better, Air Jordan36 or Air Jordan35? Comparison of AJ36 and AJ35

The aj36 generation of shoes has been on sale for a period of time. The overall design of the shoes continues the design concept of the aj35 generation. Both the configuration and the appearance have been greatly upgraded, but many small partners are also very entangled when buying them. Yes, I don’t know which is better between aj36 and aj35? Which is more practical? Let’s take a look with me below.

Which is better, aj36 or aj35?

For now, most of the small partners still recommend the aj35 generation shoes. For the new aj36 generation, in terms of air cushion configuration, the AJ36 is the same as the KD13. The biggest difference is the addition of the Eclipse Plate and the outsole. , is still the herringbone pattern, but compared to the AJ35, the AJ36 overall outsole has a much smaller floor area in a static state. Moreover, the forefoot of 36 is narrow and easy to wear toes, and the strength of the upper is not enough to support, so it still needs to be considered.

How to choose aj36 size

Even in the PF version this time, the forefoot is narrow, plus the two air cushions with high air pressure and the wrapping feeling of the new upper material, in the early stage of running in (even every time you just put your feet on), there will be squeezing of the toes. Choose your size with wide feet and fat feet. I picked a normal size, and it’s no problem if I stepped on it today. You still need to pay attention to this.

How much does aj36 weigh

Aj36 size 7Y/40 size single shoe weighs about 287.7 grams, which is indeed very light. It is indeed the lightest generation of AJ in history. The material of this upper is AJ36 with Leno-Weave’s new upper technology, which is breathable. Dreaming of Kobe NXT 360, so I am still looking forward to the actual combat.


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