Which is better, Air Jordan or Nike Dunk? It’s easy to understand from these 2 points

Boys’ love for sneakers should be no less than girls’ love for lipsticks. There are still many boys who collect various sneakers. For example, Nike is a typical brand representative. Judging from the design of Nike, there are many series, and the styles and shapes of shoes are also different, such as aj and dunk. Many people also have such troubles now. Which one is better, AJ or dunk? If you have to choose, what should you consider? Here we will talk about aj and dunk together, and we can also have some simple introductions.

  1. From the perspective of style design

Which is better? There may be many friends who are worried when choosing. Since we want to choose sneakers, of course, we should first look at the style design of the shoes to see if they conform to our own wishes and whether they have a good matching effect. Don’t blindly pursue high prices. This is not necessary.

Nike’s sneakers are still more particular in design, and each series also has its own characteristics. For example, if aj is the case, the overall shoe shape will be more slender, the style design is better, and the overall shoe line is smoother. Some styles There will also be a special exclusive flying wing logo Gart, which has its own typical characteristics. The highlight of dunk is that the tongue is thicker, the shoelaces are thicker, the shoelaces on both sides can be perforated and everted, and there will be a Zoom air cushion on the heel.

However, in recent years, the color matching design of dunk is relatively outstanding. Several of the launched models have successfully attracted the attention of the public. When choosing, you can look at the style first, and choose the matching according to your own needs. The sneakers should also be able to be concave. Certainly not less.

2. From the point of view of comfort

Which is better, aj or dunk? Of course, it also depends on the comfort of the shoes themselves, and you should know more about them when purchasing. Nike‘s sneakers are still good in texture, and they pursue higher comfort. For example, AJ uses sole cushioning air cushion, while the sole of the dunk is slightly wider, and the tongue and upper are thickened, making the overall wider.

The insole is a cushioning insole with a zoom air cushion embedded in the back of the palm, and the protective cushioning is better. Of course, it is distinguished according to the positioning of the sneakers. After all, the birth of the dunk is for the needs of skateboarders, so there will be higher requirements in terms of comfort, and the design will be more rigorous. When purchasing, you can first understand the comfort and wearing experience of different shoes, and choose according to your own needs.

Regarding the choice of AJand dunk, it is recommended that you still find a professional evaluation to understand by yourself, and do not proceed too blindly. Although the prices of the two are also different now, it does not mean that the higher the price, the better. You should still be optimistic about your own design and comfort, choose according to your own needs, and choose the right shoes.


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