Where to buy replica shoes New balance? Which one is worth buying and recommending

New balance, we used to call it New Balance, the President’s jogging shoes, or “NB” for short, but now it seems that there are more people calling it by its first name. Its most well-known symbol is the capital “N”. As long as you see a big LOGO on the side of the shoe, the letter “N”, the first impression in your mind must be New balance. 

Brand introduction

New balance is a century-old American brand founded in 1906. Because his shoes are loved by leaders of many countries, presidents, heads of state, etc., they are called “Presidential Jogging Shoes”, and also known as the “King of Jogging Shoes”. Apple’s father, Steve Jobs, is also a big fan of it, and always wears a pair of new balances when he opens Apple’s conference.

Now all sports brands are linked to a word “tide” and are brought by stars. For example, because Shawn Yue wore 990, 992 or something, and then that shoe became so popular. I have to say that some shoe types are really good in all aspects from appearance design to wearing experience, both comfortable and versatile.

New balance The most familiar shoe type is the most classic 574. This type of shoe was really popular for a long time at the time. Walking on the street, you can always meet someone wearing this pair of shoes.

But the protagonist I want to talk about today is the other two shoe types of new balance, 580 and 990.

New balance 580

This 580 is the most recommended by me. The first thing I want to say is that its feet feel really, really, really comfortable. Note that I used three “really”. Its comfort benefits from its ABZORB cushioning technology and C-CAP technology. When you try it on for the first time, you can feel its comfort and softness. Because the bottom is thicker, it can play a very good role. support. At first glance, the appearance is a very classic new balance shoe shape, which looks very light and thin at the same time. The color is also classic gray and blue, which is very versatile. The gray ones were bought first, and the blue ones were bought recently on Double Eleven. Apparently I really like this one.

New balance 990 V5

The first generation of the 990 series was launched in 1982, and it has now reached the fifth generation, which shows that it has always been a very popular style and has been regarded as a classic by many people. One of the must-buy shoes for hipsters, many bloggers recommend it. Although I also bought it, but I really am not a fashionista. In fact, I was looking at the fourth generation, but it was discontinued when I wanted to buy it, so I bought the fifth generation.

The shoe type of 990 belongs to retro old shoes, which are wide and large when viewed from top to bottom, and it also introduces a wider version for customers with wider feet, which is really very user-friendly. The beauty of the 990 lies in its side, whether it is wearing trousers or shorts, it is a very good match. 990 is pure American production, that is, made in USA, the quality is quite good, but the details still need to be strengthened.

The upper part of the shoe is a combination of suede and mesh, and the sole has ENCAP cushioning technology. The overall package is strong and the foot feels very comfortable, but it is not as comfortable as the 580, the 580 feels soft, and the 990 is hard. The V5’s insole features antimicrobial memory technology. The overall height of the sole is good, and you will grow taller when you wear this shoe, you know. The disadvantage is that the upper is not easy to take care of, and it is expensive.

To sum up, I have seen people compare these two shoes before. From my personal actual wearing experience, I recommend the new balance 580 because it is more comfortable and suitable for long walks. And its price is relatively more affordable.

Of course, this feeling is sometimes very subjective and cannot be generalized. The above is just a personal comparison and recommendation of the two types of New balance shoes. Whether the shoes are comfortable or not, only my feet know, thank you for watching!


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