Where to buy New Balance Cypher Run epoch-making high imitation running shoes?

The famous running shoe brand New Balance has a new preview recently! According to the latest news, this running shoe is definitely a new idea. Breaking down the barriers between casual shoes and sports shoes. So what kind of real standard patch running shoes are they? Next, follow the Maxluxes to enjoy it together!

New Balance’s true standard cutting shop released a new concept Future Sport series, with the idea of breaking the boundaries between sports and leisure, putting on a trendy coat for running shoes, and creating the New Balance Cypher Run, a running shoe suitable for both movement and stillness, for the first time. Lightweight and smooth sock-type shoe body, with avant-garde lines and sports aesthetic design, and loaded with cushioning and comfortable midsole, free shuttle sports fashion and functional demands, inject a new atmosphere into running shoes.

With the popularity of sports fashion, the boundaries between professional sports and leisure trends are gradually getting closer. New Balance bridges the two major advantages of innovative technology in professional running shoes and casual trend pointers to form a new Future Sport series, creating the next generation of running shoes with future trends. Led by Cypher Run, it subverted the public’s established impression of New Balance PT shoes, and thus began to bring innovation to the brand.

New Balance Cypher Run injects a trendy soul into sports performance running shoes, which can meet the needs of daily wear and calmly respond to the needs of moving at any time, and the style can be switched arbitrarily. The mid-tube sock-style design marks a distinctive pop atmosphere, with three-dimensional support sidewalls to provide additional coverage and support; the lightweight and streamlined breathable shoe body is matched with a minimalist appearance, with a tailor-made style. Fit and describe the trend of fashion. The midsole is equipped with a ground-contact EVA cushioning material and a wave-shaped outsole pit pattern to enhance the grip, and fast shoe lacing is used to provide convenience of wearing and taking off. It absorbs the soul performance of New Balance professional running shoes and brings light and comfortable runners. Excellent foot experience.

The New Balance Cypher Run series of refined imitation shoes is launched at the same time for men and women. In addition to classic black and Burgundy wine red in color matching, they also launch exclusive earth rock gray and army green models, with a heel strap contrasting color design, both men and women can be Complement it for a dazzling look. The New Balance Cypher Run series is priced at 2,950 yuan for men and 2,850 yuan for women. For more details, please follow us. Click to Maxluxes online shopping website, you can see many brands replica sneaker. We guarantee our products are top quality and cheap in market.


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