Where can I buy the replica Moncler down jacket? How to distinguish real or fake?

The factory has more than ten years of experience in high imitation clothing, and has a factory product website. There are many high imitation clothing brands for everyone to appreciate and choose, so that everyone can find their favorite high imitation brand luxury clothes. Much cheaper than the genuine one, cheap quality in production, and invisible. There are many styles. The products produced by the factory, regardless of the price, everyone understands.

High imitation MONCLER Mongolian clothes, luxurious clothing, high imitation Mongolian men’s and women’s clothing brings you a warm and romantic time, with a simple and elegant temperament, with a touch of noble and elegant taste. This high imitation brand style makes the body look very slim. This match can not only keep warm and cold, but also can be used in formal occasions. It is a perfect match for weight loss and age reduction.

Selling, the high imitation MONCLER Mongolian down jacket is because the consumer’s ability is difficult to meet their own needs. It is very good to have a high imitation brand clothing that suits you. Now the technology of high imitation is getting better and better, and the quality of high imitation is also rising. We make one-to-one high-quality high imitation clothing.

When winter comes, the down vest officially debuts. Before answering the question of what to wear in a down vest, let’s talk about when it is appropriate to wear a down vest. Generally speaking, the wearing of down vests in northwest my country should start from the end of November of the Gregorian calendar until February of the following year, almost before the Chinese New Year. The southern region is not necessarily, it mainly depends on the degree of climate change and the impact of cold air.

I believe that Moncler’s down jacket needs no introduction. It has become so popular in China that it has no friends. Her family’s down jacket is very light to wear and has a very good thermal insulation effect. What is the price of Moncler down jacket? Moncler Moncler’s down jackets are generally priced at around 4,000 yuan, which is a little expensive brand. When people are looking for purchasing agents, if the price difference is too large, they will doubt the authenticity.

Moncler’s clothes have never bothered me. They are so comfortable that I have no friends. This is the first time I wear such a light down jacket, and I am completely uncomfortable when I wear the old down jackets again. I will buy this brand of down jackets in the future. . If you have long grass, don’t hesitate to start! Moncler’s down jackets can be worn by all ages. Her family’s down jackets are relatively basic, especially the most popular black one, which has no age at all. Limit, you can wear it if you like.

1. How to identify the “look” of down jackets

When buying down jackets, it is very important to see whether there are registered trademarks and product instructions; the down content of down jackets is 90% down. 10% raw flakes. If there are 100% down, it must be fraudulent. Secondly, it depends on the appearance and sewing of the product, and pay attention to whether there is drill down or drill hair on the fabric. Depending on the degree of fluffy, a good product must have both good fluffiness and good air permeability; see if the product has an inspection report issued by a quality supervision and inspection agency at or above the provincial or municipal level authorized by the national quality and technical supervision department.

2. How to identify the “two buttons” of down jackets

Press the down jacket with your hand and release your hand to see if the down jacket can quickly rebound back to its original state. If the rebound does not rise or the rebound is very slow, the rebound height is very low, indicating that the quality of the filled down is poor. If there is no resilience at all, it is a fake and shoddy product.

3. How to distinguish the “three touches” of true and false down jackets

Touch and pinch the down jacket with your hands to test its softness and whether there are complete small hair pieces. Such as soft and complete small hair pieces are good products. If there are too large and thick long hair pieces, the hand feel is soft but the elasticity is poor, and they are soft wool pieces instead of down.

4. How to distinguish the “four beats” of genuine and fake down jackets

Gently tap the down jacket with your hand to see if there is any dust spilling from the stitches. If there is no dust spillage, it is a good product. If there is dust spillage, it is a fake and inferior product made of crushed wool or gray sand velvet.

5. How to distinguish the “five kneading” of true and false down jackets

Rub the front and back of the down jacket with both hands to see if any fluff is drilled out. If the fuzz is drilled out, it means that the fabric or lining used has poor anti-drilling performance or no anti-drilling performance, which is an inferior product.

6. How to distinguish the “six smells” of genuine and fake down jackets

Put your nose close to the down jacket and sniff it carefully, and then compare it with the normal down jacket to check for any fishy or peculiar smell.

7. How to distinguish the “seven weights” of down jackets

Finally, you can weigh the weight of the down jacket by hand, and watch its size at the same time. Generally speaking, the lighter the weight, the larger the volume, which means the higher the down content and the better the quality. Otherwise, the quality is poor.


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