What kind of pants do high-top AJ look good with?

I am very happy to buy a pair of AJs that I like, but how do I match the AJs I bought to look good with trousers, which must be a problem for many people. For AJ, poor matching will give people a sloppy feeling, and shoes that cost thousands of yuan are worn by themselves as cheap street stalls. So how does AJ match the pants to give people a high-end atmosphere, let’s listen to the editor today.

AJ Jeans

Jeans can be said to be a very versatile item in life. Whether it is a casual style, a fashion style, or a business style, it can be matched. As for matching with Air Jordan, the flower shirt is recommended to match with wide-leg jeans. Since AJ series shoes are originally larger in size, matching with wide-leg jeans subtly widens the leg shape, giving people a casual street style.

It should be noted here that if you are pairing with high-top AJ, you must knit the trouser legs to reveal the upper and ankle. This combination not only shows your height, but also avoids that sloppy feeling. Walking on the street, it is absolutely appropriate fashion.

AJ Casual Pants

There must be a lot of people who don’t understand how a sporty style and a casual style can be matched together, but the facts tell us that they can really be matched.

However, we still need to pay attention to some details. Air Jordan should be paired with casual pants, and AJ shoes should be retro-styled. Grey-tone shoes are the best. The length of the trousers should just cover the ankles. It is abrupt, the color must be the same as or close to the shoes, remember not to bump the color, and the matching of tops is also more elegant. Be sure to choose casual clothes with loose fit and elegant colors, which will give people a calm and restrained look. Feeling, there is a cold wind.

AJ Cargo Pants

I believe that many friends will wear this style in life, and this style is more popular nowadays, but I still need to pay attention here. For friends who are bigger and shorter, it is recommended to wear looser overalls and trouser legs. It can have a little sense of accumulation, so that the combination can give people a sunny and robust image without highlighting the body’s sense of prosperity.

For thin friends, it is recommended to wear the normal version of overalls with bound feet. This combination not only shows the figure, but also gives a handsome and sunny image. When walking on the street, you should be in a fashionable fashion. Remember not to wear loose overalls. Because of your body shape, it will look sloppy.

AJ shorts

This kind of collocation is more sporty, taller friends can try this collocation, there is not much demand for body shape, fat or thin friends can try this collocation, this collocation should pay attention to, the shoes should be matched with long Tube socks, paired with shorts, otherwise it will give people a rural atmosphere of returning from transplanting rice in the field. The overall combination is cool and sporty, and it looks sunny and handsome.


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