What kind of high-tech is the Nike Air Zoom?

Nike’s Air Max air cushion is a strong stroke in Nike’s legendary history, and also laid the foundation for Nike’s ranking in the global sports goods rankings. However, those who have studied air cushions know that Air Max has certain requirements for the user’s weight. Friends who are not underweight will not feel the existence of air cushions at all. Adding the Max air cushion can easily lead to an increase in the overall weight of the shoe, so it is not suitable for all sports.

So Nike developed an ultra-light and ultra-thin air cushion technology – Nike Zoom Air in 1995. So what kind of high-tech is Zoom Air?

In fact, Zoom Air is not as mysterious as we imagined. It fixes many high-elastic nylon fibers on the upper and lower inner walls of the air cushion by hot pressing. When the internal pressure of the air cushion is higher than the outside, the gas will expand outward. At this time, nylon The fibers are stretched into a tight state. When the internal air pressure is lower than the outside, the gas will contract, and the nylon fiber will bend and rebound when squeezed. Because of this, it can provide strong support for the foot.

For the Nike Zoom Air air cushion, the official explanation given by Nike is that it is lighter, thinner and more stable than Max. The key to the success of Zoom Air technology is that the air cushion contains a special gas. The volume of the special macromolecular gas is larger than the fine gaps in the synthetic rubber layer, so the gas in the air cushion will not be lost. Because the gas molecules can quickly return to their original shape after absorbing external vibration and shock pressure, it does not wear out over the life cycle of the shoe.

Because the production of Zoom Air is not very complicated, and the technology content is getting higher and higher over time, the Zoom Air air cushion is widely used by Nike in various basketball shoes, running shoes and training shoes. It can be said that Zoom Air is currently the most widely used air cushion by Nike, and colleagues also provide more choices for friends who love sports.


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