What is Yeezy? Why Yeezy Shoes Are So Popular?

Yeezy shoes are a personal trend brand launched by the famous rapper Kanye West. They cooperate with Adidas and have many color matching. They are very popular and loved by everyone, and they are very comfortable to wear.

what are Yeezy shoes?

Yeezy shoes are a description of the styles of shoes.

Yeezy shoes” are popular shoes similar to YEEZY sneakers jointly released by Adidas and Kanye. The main feature of this type of shoes is a woven upper with a foam midsole, and the outsole is generally a translucent elastic rubber with a simple frame. Yeezy shoes are very unique shoes, using Primeknit technology plus a unique gray and black woven upper, Boost outsole, thick laces, a half circle of black leather at the midsole as a decoration, and the heel is made of canvas. These shoes are called Yeezy shoes. Yeezy shoes are a more popular style in the recently years, and are deeply loved by trendy men and women.

Because Yeezy shoes are designed with a low-top and a brief and breathable design concept, they are very comfortable to wear, and they will not lack a sense of fashion, so they are popular with everyone. Love, everyone must have a pair of Yeezy shoes in their shoe cabinet. The first impression of Yeezy shoes is a bit weird. At first, it was not acceptable to the aesthetics of modern people.

However, the experience of Yeezy shoes on the feet is super comfortable, which makes people addicted to it. Secondly, Yeezy shoes are quite suitable for clothes. Yeezy shoes The upper of the shoe is relatively low. Whether it is paired with pencil pants or other trousers, this upper can bring the effect of self-cultivation, beautiful and thin legs. It is very worthwhile to start with a shoe, and celebrities are wearing it. However, Yeezy shoes will have some big feet. Yeezy shoes belong to the loose version, and there is no high heel. Short people and people with big feet need to choose a style that suits them to show their fashionable beauty.

Why are Yeezy shoes so popular?

1. Fans effect. In 2015, the famous American singer Kanye West and Adidas jointly launched YEEZY 350 BOOST and YEEZY 750 BOOST, which exploded in the entire trend industry! Because of Kanye’s fan effect and the limited release of the halo blessing, Immediately entered the shopping cart of fashionistas from all walks of life.

2. Yeezy shoes are generally round and flat, without edges and corners and not like the general streamlined design, but after you put on your feet, you will find that the fit and wrapping of the Yeezy is very good, and this is because of that A weird but ergonomic shape design.

3. Yeezy shoes have a good upper foot experience and are easy to wear. Yeezy shoes have a wider mouth and a lower upper. The advantage of this feature is that whether it is paired with pencil pants or other pants, it can bring a slim and beautiful appearance. The effect of showing thin legs.

4. Due to the combination of the Boost foam midsole and the soft elastic rubber outsole, every landing can bring extremely high resilience and fit, and the overall comfort is excellent.

Are Yeezy shoes suitable for running?

Actually, Yeezy shoes are not suitable for running while they are best for shopping.

If you just jogging, the pace is not high, the single running volume is not large, three to five kilometers, no more than 10 kilometers, and the frequency of running times per week is only two or three times, the Yeezy shoes are barely competent, if the pace is slightly higher and the running volume is slightly larger , The running frequency is slightly higher, and Yeezy shoes are completely incompetent. The question is how many people can run more than 5 kilometers at a time, and most of them can run regularly, so don’t ask what shoes are suitable for running, as long as you can stick to it, there are many suitable running shoes. Don’t overestimate your ability and perseverance.

How do you feel on your feet on Yeezy shoes?

It just feeling comfortable.

The boost visible to the naked eye, and the Adidas boost technology that you can really feel when your feet are on the ground, is very suitable for leisure pressing the road. However, you have to buy a size larger, otherwise it will not be comfortable to wrap your feet tightly. In short, Yeezy is one of the best casual sneakers I have ever worn.

The Yeezy series is roughly divided into 350, 500, 700, of which the Yeezy 350 series is the most popular in the market and has the best foot feel. I think Yeezy shoes can be worn all year round. In summer, 350 is good, especially the side can be breathable.

In winter, Yeezy 500 and 700 can be used. It is also ok to wear a pair of thick socks outdoors in the north. In short, whether it is suitable or not depends on whether you like it or not. If you don’t like it, it is wrong to wear it in any season, just like wearing Air Jordan in summer, it is said that AJ is the air conditioner. 🙂

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