What is the difference between jordan and air jordan?

Air jordan has always been a very popular sports brand. Now many young men and women like air jordan shoes. Air jordan is actually a brand under Nike, known as AJ.

What is the difference between jordan and air jordan

Jordan Brand is a brand owned by NIKE. It is affiliated to NIKE and has independent research and development capabilities, but sales are still in line with NIKE’s sales strategy. The Jordan Sports Collection includes the Jordan line of basketball shoes, athletic training shoes and jerseys. Since Jordan entered the NBA and signed with Nike (NIKE), his personal super strength has gradually been reflected. Sneakers developed by Nike for Jordan, or Generation Jordan, have become wildly popular. Plus, at the time the league used “this shoe and the whole team”, sneakers were banned for “incongruous clothing” and sparked curiosity. Everyone rushed to the store to buy this banned “Generation Jordan.” With the introduction of the second-generation Jordan, the benefits of the ad campaign began to emerge, helping Jordan (and Nike, of course) establish an image in the sneaker market. Make people realize that Jordan is not only an athlete, but also an artist.

The birth of three generations of Jordan did mark the arrival of the “Air Jordan” era, and the Jumpman LOGO was also distinguished from the traditional NIKE “check mark”, accompanied by Jordan’s stunning free throw line button (including us) completely overwhelmed by him. There’s no question that Nike certainly knew how important Jordan’s personal appeal was. This fully ensures that Nike shoes are accepted by various consumer groups. Consistent with the historical conditions of the NBA at the time, Bird Bird and Magic Johnson both aged. So after that, there is no leader in the league for the time being, and this kind of fanatical movement has begun… So Jordan’s fourth and fifth generations… Jordan Brand has continued to this day. The basketball emperor Michael Jordan who just came to Taiwan, although he left a little regret to all fans, he also launched the “Jordan Brand” brand launched by Michael Jordan! As a legend in the history of sports, Jordan’s unwavering spirit has created brilliant achievements on a global scale, and created a brilliant record that future generations can’t match. Thus, Jordan not only excelled on the basketball court, but also represented a passion for life and a dedication to excellence.

Because of Jordan’s iconic status, starting with the fact that Nike started a sports revolution under the name “Air Jordan”, Jordan’s 20 years of dignified charm hasn’t diminished in the slightest. In view of this, just like the rapper P.Diddy or Jennifer Lopez successively launched personal clothing brands, Michael Jordan himself also established the “Jordan Brand” brand in 1997, hoping to let more people know Jordan Brand. Since Jordan has never been introduced to Taiwan before, after Jordan’s visit to Taiwan, Taiwan also launched Jordan Sports Series and Jordan Lifestyle under Jordan Brand. They have their own unique style. Fans who like Jordan will prefer the basketball god Michael Jordan, and related merchandise. The Jordan Sports Collection includes the Jordan line of basketball shoes, athletic training shoes and jerseys. They are all products with high permeability, high stability, functionality and avant-garde styling. Among them, AJ series shoes have been introduced into the 19th generation. Many re-enactments made fans love it. The Jordan Lifestyle collection inspires a variety of designs with sports elements such as baseball casual tops, long and short sleeve shirts, fleece vests or innovative jeans, all of which make the Jordan Lifestyle collection suitable for sportswear. Presenting a variety of everyday casual styles.

Jordan’s relationship with Jordan

1. China’s Jordan is eroding Jordan’s reputation and has developed in recent years; Nike Jordan is a branch of Nike and is the real Jordan;

  • Jordan is the brand that Nike gave Jordan at the time. All production and manufacturing is done by Nike, but the brand posted at the factory is Jordan, which should be considered an offshoot of Nike, but in terms of sales, it is the same as Nike Unrelated, not the same store. We have a lot of memories of Jordan. We don’t talk about God’s various wonderful performances on the court here, but only God’s feet – Jordan series basketball shoes. The first-generation Jordan was banned by the league from its release because the Bulls coach at the time wouldn’t allow people to wear the shoes, citing their inconsistency with the team’s uniform. David Stern even issued Jordan tickets for $1,000 the first time, $2,000 the second, and finally $5,000 per game. This eventually led to a buying spree in Jordan. Nike also shook Converse’s position in basketball shoes for the first time. The first-generation Jordan used three colors of white, black and red, and the outsole was made of hard rubber, without any technical content. Actually, these shoes were bulky, but it was the beginning of an era.

what is the relationship between nike and jordan

In fact, Jordan is a pure “domestic pedigree” sports and leisure brand. Associated with the name Michael Jordan is Nike’s “Air Jordan” brand. Although the brand entered the Chinese market, the corresponding Chinese name was not registered. Therefore, “Michael Jordan” became nobody. After Fujian Jordan Sports Goods Co., Ltd. registered the trademark, this edge lens provided convenience for the subsequent development of the Jordan company. But there is a similarity between them, that is the brand logo, the Air Jordan brand logo is the logo of the shooter; Jordan is the player who dribbles. So the relationship between Nike and Jordan is that Jordan is not Jordan. Compared with the old sports brand Nike, China’s Jordan company can be regarded as a junior. Jordan is a Chinese brand registered by Fujian Jordan Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. At present, Jordan has thousands of stores across the country, and its products have rapidly expanded from the initial sports shoes to sports shoes, sportswear, bags and accessories and other sports goods series.

Nike was born in 1984, when Michael Jordan was still a fledgling basketball rookie, when he was only 21 years old, he saw his development prospects. He teamed up with him to start selling basketball shoes with the Air Jordan logo, which Chinese consumers refer to as “Jordan shoes.” In 1984, Nike produced the first generation of Jordan shoes, and every year since then, a new type of shoe called a “generation” has been introduced. So far, there have been 23 generations of shoes. Every new Nike shoe has become a target for Jordan fans around the world. Even Jordan‘s retirement in 2003 failed to dent the annual sales momentum of Jordan shoes. What is the relationship between Nike and Jordan? Through brand marketing and the effective management of the company itself, Jordan has won a huge influence in China. From 2001 to 2003, the series of products of this brand have successively won the honorary title of Best-Selling Products in National Key Large Retail Stores issued by the Information Center of the Ministry of Commerce. In 2005, it became “China Famous Trademark”. Speaking of which, I’m sure many people have a more complete picture of the relationship between Nike and Jordan. In short, the first domestic Jordan and the Jordan owned by Nike abroad are two different things, so when you talk about the relationship between Nike and Jordan in the future, please do not confuse it!

Jordan’s relationship with Air Jordan

Jordan usually refers to the Jordan brand (JB for short). Here are two concepts for Air Jordan (AJ). AJ is the Jordan brand series and Nike basketball shoes specially designed for Jordan. Air jordan was born in 1985. The jordan brand was born in 1999, and the jordan brand is no longer just a Jordan brand, but an NBA star brand. Air jordan was established in 1985. It started as a brand to sign the basketball trapeze Michael Jordan. Same as Nike’s current line of sneakers signed for James, Kobe, Owen, Pickle and Antetokounmpo. Nike gave Jordan a sneaker sponsorship contract, and Jordan could only wear basketball shoes Nike made for him on the basketball court.


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