Maxluxes: What is the difference between Bape pirate shop and ordinary Bape pirate? Why is it cheap?

BAPE is a famous street fashion brand born in Harajuku, Japan. Its full name is “A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water”, which means “ape-man who lives comfortably”. In the Chinese region, it is called “Ape Man Head”, also known as Comfort Ape, and the name comes from the American sci-fi movie “Planet of the Apes” (Planet of the Apes) produced in 1968.

The leading brand Bape in Harajuku, Japan, was founded in November 1993 by Nigo, a designer who graduated from the Japan Institute of Culture and Fashion. Bape (Comfortable Monkey) started with T-shirts and slowly gained fame among Japanese hipsters due to its unique design and limited supply. After that, designer Nigo began to slowly design other clothing. So far, there have been many sub-brands such as women’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, etc. Any product with this “easy ape” pattern will become the object of everyone’s pursuit.

The Bape women’s clothing brand BAPYBusyWorkingLady, which began to appear in 2001, is aimed at the young OfficeLady group. It has nothing to do with the original source of inspiration. Its designer is KIKO, and the clothes are all cute elements, such as ice cream, leopard print, etc. In addition to Bape, the little monkey called BABYMILO that appears in women’s clothing and children’s clothing products is the representative work of Bape’s toy series.

The full name of Bape, the leading brand in Harajuku, Japan, is “A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water”, which means the ape-man who lives comfortably. It was founded in November 1993 by Nigo, a designer who graduated from the Japan Institute of Culture and Fashion. Designed by Shinichiro Nakamura.

A Bathing Ape’s logo sometimes appears under other names, namely “Bape”, “A.S.N.K.A”, “Ape General”, “Busy Work Shop”, “FootSoldier” “Bapexclusive”. The founder, Tomoaki Nagao, founded “A Bating Ape in Lukewarm Water” in November 1993. Like other Harajuku designers, he also graduated from Tokyo Bunka Fashion Institute, but BAPE’s LOGO is not from him, but It was designed by his friend Shinichiro Nakamura, an important representative of Harajuku culture and a famous illustrator. There are many sub-brands under BAPE: BAPEST, Aape, Bapy and Baby Milo.

Started in Japan, spread to the whole of Asia, and then went to Europe and the United States! A streetwear brand that can survive and survive? That’s Bape! The camouflage style of the Bape series is the most popular. Of course, the price of clothing items is not cheap, but some friends found that there is a Bape pirate shop on Taobao, and the price is also very cheap, so there will be no Bape pirate shop. card face? Let’s take a look.

What is the difference between Bape pirate shop and ordinary

The Bape pirate store is actually similar to a seasonal discount store or a factory store in China. Careful friends will find that the Bape pirate store has very cheap products, and the logo is a bit different from the Bape we see every day. The mark of the Bape pirate store is An ape man wearing a pirate blindfold. The products in it are all pirate models with the image of bape pirates. The styles are very old and they are all from the past. The meaning of pirate is the feeling of knotting. It’s too cheap. If you like it, you can go shopping.

Why Bape Pirates Are Cheap

The pirate store is all out-of-season clothes. The clothes in many Nike and Adi factories in China are also very cheap, basically 50% discount. If you like it, you can check it out, and the Bape discount event has come again recently, 1 piece 10% off! 2pcs 20% off! 35% off! (Limited time from November 20th to November 25th), the editor chooses Bape T-shirt + Bape shorts + Bape hat, Bape boy and girl three-piece suit? The original price totaled 2137 yuan? Add to cart and get 65% off! 1389 yuan to win! If you like it, you can go to the ITeSHOP applet to find out. If you want much more cheaper sneaker you can also choose replica sneaker online shop like Maxluxes. Maxluxes is a global online shoe retail company, we have always cooperated with Pk God products before, and Ljr Batch and Og Factory are our latest partners. Although the cooperation time is not long, these two factories also have a very good reputation in the market!

Is Bape still worth buying now?

To be honest, in recent years, the design of Bape’s products is getting worse and worse, it seems that the eyes are tired from aesthetics, and hundreds of people use logo joint names to make money. However, as for the coat, the shocking influence of the shark head has not disappeared, so you can buy one, and the others are really unnecessary. Now there are many new brands every year, and everyone still needs to pay attention when buying them.


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