What is the difference between AIR MAX and ZOOM in Nike shoes?

There are many types of air-cushion shoes produced by Nike, such as air zoom, air max and air sole and so on. Depending on the type, the main applicable environments of these air cushions are also different. So what is the difference between zoom and max in Nike air cushion? How big is the gap between them?

The structure of zoom air is a flat air cushion with many nylon fibers in the middle, and the upper and lower ends of the fibers have a fabric plane. These fibers are anchored to the upper and lower inner walls of the air cushion and form a spherical shape when subjected to pressure. When the pressure disappears, the nylon fiber will return to a straight and tight state, so it will form a balance and the thickness can be maintained at 4-8mm.

Air cushion cushioning, light running route. The shoe body adopts the flywire design, which can automatically adjust according to the movement of the feet in real time while stabilizing the shoe body. The breathable mesh surface ensures the breathability of the shoes and avoids the discomfort of the feet caused by the temperature in the shoes during sports. Cushlon st midsole and air zoom air cushion are combined to form an excellent structure with dual performance of energy feedback and shock absorption and compression resistance.

Air max is thicker than zoom. The gas used inside the max is high-pressure gas. If there is not enough pressure on the air cushion, it will be a hard lump for the feet. The shape of the max was U-shaped at first, and then developed into the Air Max 2 with multiple airtight air chambers, and the Tube Max air with a tracheal shape. It has the characteristics of multiple intervals and multiple pressures.

The seamless mesh upper is super breathable and lighter than your average shoe. The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber to ensure the service life of the shoe. The heel is equipped with air max air cushion, energy rebound feedback, strong shock absorption and compression resistance.

Max can withstand greater impact than zoom, and can better handle cushioning. But as for comfort, it needs to be established under the premise of a certain pressure. Although zoom is not as compressive as max, it can feedback energy faster and requires less pressure. It provides very comfortable cushioning and feedback without too much pressure.

To sum up, zoom is more suitable for running shoes than max, and it can bring users a better wearing experience. Of course, in terms of sports, if you choose max as a sneaker, it will naturally not be worse than zoom. Air Max is more suitable for environments with greater impact and more times. But for everyday use, zoom is a better choice than max.


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