What is replica ecco? 1:1 replica ecco casual shoe introduction

Everyone should have heard of ecco. ecco is a very common shoe brand in shopping malls. ecco’s shoes are made of homemade leather, which is very breathable and feels good when wearing them. They are also good at resisting foot sweat. Today Maxluxes will introduce you this brand and tell you where you can buy the replica ecco.

why is ecco so expensive

ecco’s positioning is more advanced than Clarks and GEOX, like LOAKE, Hush Puppies, Rockport and ecco are similar. The price difference between ecco at home and abroad is very large, and in the Outlets mall, the price gap is even greater. Ecco is so expensive in China because of the exchange rate and tax gap, as well as market positioning. ecco is aimed at young people with high income levels. Ecco’s shoes are comfortable and durable, and the style is classic.

what is ecco

ecco is a Danish fashion brand, mainly dealing in clothing, footwear, bags, etc. Founded in 1963, ECCO is one of the few companies in the world that is fully vertically integrated in its resources. Established in 1963, ecco is a shoe brand from Denmark. The products cover men’s series, women’s series, casual dress series, outdoor series, sports series, golf series and children’s series, as well as bag accessories, small leather goods, shoe care products, etc. Emphasis on simplicity and softness, so the colors are mostly soft colors such as off-white, khaki, pink, etc.

The toe style is generally dominated by round toe, and on popular elements, it is embellished with bows and flowers to highlight the sweet style. Positioning a brand’s grade, the first thing to consider is its development history. Generally speaking, those that have been established for a long time and have successfully withstood various tests in the market should be good. ECCO, founded by Karl Tusby in 1963, has a history of more than 50 years. From a small shoe factory in southern Denmark, it has gradually developed into a world-renowned brand covering leisure, outdoor, sports, golf and children’s series, which is very successful.

Ecco brand introduction

The classic shoes and leather goods ECCO brand was founded by Carl Tusby in northern Denmark. It is one of the few shoe-making companies in the world that has achieved a vertical integration model of resources – using a top-down business model – that is, from leather raw materials. Production, to design and development and product manufacturing, each link is directly supervised by ECCO. ECCO is also one of the best leather manufacturers in the world. Its leather is not only used to make ECCO shoes and leather goods, but also supplied to many luxury brands. ECCO is making steady progress towards its goal of creating better footwear. In 2017, ECCO has more than 14,000 sales points in more than 87 countries around the world; in China, it has more than 1,000 sales points. Established in 1963 as a well-known Danish family business, ECCO employs more than 19,000 people around the world.

This year, ECCO signed Zhu Yawen as the brand image spokesperson. As a loyal fan of ECCO, the fate between Zhu Yawen and the brand did not just start from this cooperation. As early as last April, he participated in the ECCO2016 Spring/Summer “Leather Experience” tour as a brand friend. He also experienced hand-made handbags for the first time on the spot, and got close contact with the high-quality leather that ECCO has always insisted on. Now, in the new year, he officially joins the ECCO family as a new spokesperson. Together with the famous actress Liu Tao, he will continue the dual-spokesperson model and lead the fashion from Nordic Denmark.

It is worth mentioning that in 2017, ECCO will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand entering the Chinese market. The addition of Zhu Yawen will undoubtedly inject new vitality into this moment of special significance to the brand. Let us look forward to this ingenious family that has always been proficient in craftsmanship and has the courage to make breakthroughs, and set off with Zhu Yawen. As an excellent shoe and leather goods brand, ECCO’s success stems from classic Nordic design, good leather, innovative technology and the design concept of “shoes must follow the feet”, combining comfort and style well. Vision is an important factor in realizing dreams.

ECCO’s goal is to become an excellent global footwear and leather goods brand. As the only large-scale shoe manufacturer in the world with its own production and sales facilities, ECCO continues to innovate, improve shoe-making technology, and strive to produce better and more comfortable shoes.

What is ecco’s grade

The grade of ecco shoes is higher than other brands of the same price. The price of ecco shoes is basically in the range of hundreds to thousands. The price/performance ratio of ecco shoes is still good, and the quality is very good. If you want to buy replica ECCO you can go to Maxluxes (maxluxes.com). We offer many brand’s replica shoes and clothes, all of them are top quality and cheap price on the market!


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