What grade is Moncler? Why Moncler so expensive?

High-end, moncler is a relatively high-end down jacket brand. Since it is a French clothing brand, many Chinese may not be very familiar with it. However, Moncler’s down jackets have a very good cold protection effect. They have both a sense of design and advanced technology. They also have very good effects in extreme weather. The price is also very expensive. Therefore, moncler is a very high-end brand of down jackets.

According to observations, most people think that a must-have warm item in winter is to have a down jacket. Therefore, every time a cold snap hits, the streets are full of people wrapped in a down jacket, no matter how thick or thin it is. Wrap yourself tightly, afraid of getting cold.

Many brands have launched a variety of down jackets, but do you find any differences among the many down items every winter? Why are some of them available for less than 2,000 yuan, while others cost as little as 10,000 or 20,000 yuan?

The French boutique Moncler, known as the king of down jackets, is still sold out even if a basic model costs more than 10,000 yuan. Many people even think that there must be at least one Moncler down jacket in a lifetime.

What is the secret of the king of down from France? Let me tell you 4 reasons why Moncler is worth buying!

Lightweight and warm

Most people think that down jackets are heavy and inconvenient to carry. Although many down jackets on the market demand lightness and thinness, their warmth retention is still poor. Moncler down jackets use high-quality down produced in France.

Not only can it have an 85% thermal insulation effect, but through precise sewing skills, the down filling amount can reach every square centimeter, but the seemingly rich amount of down does not appear heavy, each coat is about 510 grams, and the vest is average 230 grams per piece.

    Remarkable slimming effect

    The heavy design of general down jackets makes people worry about becoming a Michelin baby, so can down jackets be worn with a slim fit?

    It should be unbelievable to many people, but the special design of the Moncler down jacket not only does not appear fat when worn, but also achieves the effect of modifying the body.

    The sub-Moncler down jacket cleverly uses herringbone pattern, lozenge pattern and trapezoidal fleece-filled cladding, which can elongate the body proportion from the appearance and achieve the effect of self-cultivation

    Pay attention to perfect details

    In addition to emphasizing the self-cultivation effect of Moncler, the down jacket itself also has many surprising details, which also highlights the value of the king of down. Consider that boys generally do not like to carry bags when going out.

    Therefore, pockets and hidden pockets are added to the down jacket, as well as the interlayer of i-Pod and earphones. There is also a small interlayer on the arm and the Moncler label is embroidered, showing the exquisite charm of the brand. The stitching is also strengthened on the wrist elastic band design to reduce the loss of elasticity.

    Many people worry about the problem of down falling out, and Moncler has also responded to it. The down is put into a small bag and then injected into the interlayer of the stitching of the jacket, which greatly reduces the problem of down wearing with double-layer density.

    Finally, Moncler also has an interesting design, which is to attach a comic-style wash label to the inner layer of the down jacket. The humorous brushstroke even directly uses the teal as the main character of the comic to teach you how to clean and maintain the down jacket. Will destroy and reduce lifespan.

    This model is also a very popular basic model of Moncler, which is quite suitable for those who buy it for the first time.

    Unique color material and functionality

    Different from most brands that are used to launching darker colors in winter, Moncler increases brand diversity and launches a variety of down jackets with unique color matching, such as red, orange, green and other bright fabrics, so that you can wear them in winter. It can also jump out of black, gray and white to increase the sense of fashion.

    Moncler also uses other fabrics on down jackets, such as knight jackets made of lambskin and nylon, fully showing the spirit of cool motorcycles.

    Of course, for outdoor enthusiasts, Moncler has strong functionality, which not only strengthens the function of keeping out the cold, but also enhances the safety of sports and mountaineering. It is deeply loved by many mountaineering and skiing fans abroad.

    Combining the above 4 points, you can know why you should invest in a Moncler down jacket, which not only increases your own fashion taste, but also has a practical winter warm effect. Some people call Moncler the “feather emperor”, the queen of the down jacket world, and there are a number of celebrities and dignitaries.

    How to clean the down jacket without washing

    Prepare a bottle of white vinegar and an appropriate amount of laundry detergent, first pour an appropriate amount of water into a watering can, then pour a small amount of white vinegar and laundry detergent, then shake it evenly, spread the dirty down jacket on the table, and spray it on the down jacket with a watering can On the oily part, use a bath towel to wipe the oily place repeatedly. Repeat several times, and you can see the oily down jacket slowly wipe away.

    Does the down jacket have any effect after being compressed?

    Down jacket compression will affect the bulk of the clothes. When collecting down jackets after winter, they should be sealed with well-ventilated packaging bags and stored in a dry place to prevent mildew. Down jackets cannot be exposed to the sun. Exposure to the sun will affect the wearing life of the down jackets, and some of them will also cause the down jackets to fade and discolor.

    How to shoot down jacket fur collar

    You can untie the fur collar of the down jacket from the clothes, tap the fur collar directly with your hand, and then shake it properly in your hand a few times, you will find that the fur collar becomes fluffy. If there is dust and dirt on the fur collar, you can use a soft cloth to dip an appropriate amount of detergent, and then gently wipe the dirty place. Finally, you need to wipe it again with a soft cloth dampened with water, and then dry it.


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