What does Nike Zoom X mean? How is it different from Nike Zoom Air?

Compared with shoes, everyone may be unfamiliar with the technology of nike midsole. Nike‘s current mainstream midsole technologies are: React, Joyride, Zoom air, and Zoom X. In the past two years, the famous Nike Vaporfly series has adopted ZoomX‘s new midsole cushioning technology. Everyone will think that Zoom X is an upgraded version of the previous Zoom air cushion. The editor just heard the name is also artificial, but this is not the case. So what does Zoom x mean? How is it different from Zoom air?

【The difference between zoom x and zoom air】

Generally, when we mention nike zoom, we refer to nike’s air zoom air cushion technology. Now air zoom has been widely used in various fields of basketball shoes, running shoes, training shoes and so on. Most of the shoes with air zoom air cushion cannot see the air cushion from the outside of the shoes. For example, in the pegasus36 running shoes, the air zoom air cushion hidden in the shoes can be seen through the opening of the midsole cloth. There is a bare air zoom air cushion on the back of the sb series heel insole.

The one-word Zoom X is a brand-new foam cushioning technology made of Pebax plastic as raw material. According to the results of Runner’s World’s past measurements for running shoes in its laboratory, the energy feedback of Zoom X reaches 85%, And the boost technology foam of Adi’s fire was about 70%. And Zoom X is extremely lightweight, the lightest foam material Nike has ever made, and its weight is only about 1/3 of the weight of traditional foam cushioning materials. It can be said that ZoomX is a “sacred technology” developed by nike that surpasses the black technology Boost

【Name meaning of Zoom X】

Zoom X has high hopes by nike company. In fact, its identity can also be seen through the official name. The addition of X after the product name of some well-known brands has become the way that major technology companies name their high-end products, such as iphone X and some high-end graphics cards. The product name is also followed by an X. It can be seen that nike attaches great importance to Zoom X technology. The above is the difference between air zoom and zoom X, the midsole technology of nike brought to you by this site.



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