What do the stories carried in AJ shoes – forbidden, buckled, and sick?

Sneaker culture is one of the many cultures brought by the NBA and is sought after by many young people in China and the United States. However, in today’s market, young fans pay more attention to the high price of sneakers and the so-called “grade” that they bring, often ignoring the most essential thing in sneaker culture – the story of the sneakers themselves. Let’s take a look at the AJ sneaker stories that are really worth remembering with Guorenjun!

Air Jordan 1 is forbidden to wear – open the era of trapeze

When Jordan first appeared, it brought great attention to the NBA, and the Nike company that signed him naturally took the opportunity to use the black and red color scheme to interpret the AJ1 transformed according to AF1, and let Jordan wear it on the court. But at that time, the NBA had very strict regulations on the color matching of sneakers. It was either black or white, and the high-profile red meant violation.

So Nike paid Jordan a high fine while vigorously promoting the AJ1 generation. Since then, AJ has gradually become a trend, Jordan has also become a phenomenon, and Nike has been very successful.

Now some people have verified that what Nike banned was not the now-famous “black and red banned”, but another pair of shoes, but this does not affect the story of the ban at all. brought improvement. Every time it is re-engraved, it is hard to find a shoe, and I have to wear it!

Air Jordan1 Smashing Rebounds – Aesthetics of Strength and Color Matching

If black red and black blue are the classic color matching of AJ1, then the black and white orange with broken AJ1 is simply different.

However, the people’s advocacy for strength implied in the buckle is what this shoe wants to express. Inspired by Jordan‘s experience in an exhibition game in Europe, wearing a black and white orange jersey, he smashed a rebound in a layup. The dunk attracted shoe fans with rich details.

The insoles that are spliced together to show the broken rebound, highlight the heroic appearance of Jordan scoring 30 points and 1 “rebound” in that game. The tongue detail proves that not just big centers can smash rebounds, but Jordan can too. Such sincere works are naturally sought after.

AJ12 Falls Sick – Notes on Classic Battles

The 1997 Finals witnessed Jordan’s great performance again.

Before the battle with the Jazz’s Tianwang Mountain, Jordan suffered from suspected food poisoning, diarrhea, fever and dehydration. He stepped on the court in a state of almost collapse, wearing this pair of black and red AJ12 generation on his feet. In the end, Jordan scored 38 points and led the team to win the Tianwang Mountain. The scene of snuggling in Pippen’s arms after the game was moving.

After re-engraving again, this pair of black and red AJ12 was crowned with the title of “sick”, attracting many fans to buy and collect. As a commentary on the classic battle of the basketball gods, it is really a good pair of shoes.

AJ13 Panda – film color matching, Chinese feelings

As a pair of sneakers famous for their movie appearances, the AJ13 panda color matching has unparalleled popularity in China.

This pair of black and white color matching AJ13 from the famous 1998 action comedy movie “Single Pick” is the second pair of Jordan signature shoes to enter China. The high price of that year made the earliest shoe fans discouraged. Lovers of the shoe nicknamed it “Panda”, giving it a Chinese character.

Time came to 2013, when the little fans of that year grew up, and Panda ushered in a re-enactment. The scene at that time was quite spectacular. The mentality of shoe fans’ dreams made the panda rise amazingly, and many Chinese people saw the value of sneakers for the first time. This year ushered in the re-enactment again, and encountered unexpected popularity. It can only be said that we really have constant feelings for this shoe!


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