What difference between the various boosts of Adidas?

Adidas’ boost technology is very famous. It has a good cushioning effect and provides better packaging and heat dissipation for the footsteps. However, there are actually many kinds of boost shoes, so what are the differences between these shoes? How to choose What? This is a very tangled question. The following editor will introduce in detail the difference between various boosts of Adidas.

What is the difference between the various boosts of Adidas

Adidas’ boost is a technology specially used for running shoes. Later, Adidas designed a variety of boost running shoes. Generally speaking, they are similar in terms of cushioning, wrapping, heat dissipation, etc., but there are some differences. These differences are Reflected in appearance, material, density of soles, etc., it is difficult to find out without looking carefully. The specific differences are as follows:

1. Adidas ultra boost uses thick padding, the forefoot is thinner and the rear sole is thicker. Continental rubber outsole combined with torSionsystem anti-torsion system, from the sole point of view, it is a pair of top cushioning running shoes.

  • Adidas’ new generation of energy boost adopts Adidas TechFit technology material, which is more suitable for the foot shape and has good ductility. The new generation of energy boost adds softer and thinner padding to the inner layer of the toe cap, improving overall shoe comfort. In addition, the new generation of energy boost is a composite midsole, and a layer of EVA material is added to the sole.

3. The heel of the adistarboost sole has a formotion stable support, which greatly improves the stability of the shoe, but the effect of cushioning is slightly lower.

4. The engineering mesh technology of Adidas sequence boost provides a good upper support, and the horse brand wear-resistant rubber on the whole foot adopts a flatter pattern design, which provides uniform stress for the foot. Sequence boost is also known as the most stable Adi running shoe on the market.

5. Adidas pure boost X is a running shoe designed for women. This shoe uses the latest upgraded boost technology. Adidas pure boost X adopts the suspended design of the midsole and uses lightweight functional fabrics, which can bring a light feeling of fit. In addition, the entire shoe of Adidas pure boost X is a floating arch structure, which can be combined arbitrarily whether it is gait or foot shape.

In addition, the features of each series are as follows:

1. EQT boost: big butt-thick bottom, softer than ultra boost, more obvious sagging of sports feet, suitable for rolling the road;

2. NMD BOOST: shock absorption technology EVA, compressed particles to increase the rebound effect, external use of PRIMEKNIT weaving technology, high air permeability, suitable for rolling roads;

3. Iniki Runner Boost: Retro all-match style, the blessing of the midsole, the wrapping of the upper is not as good as that of sports running shoes, and the foot feel will be softer, surpassing the comfort of UB and NMD, suitable for walking on the street;

4. Yeezy series: stronger technical rebound strength, strong rebound, better foot feel than Ultra boost, suitable for fashion and leisure;

Five, Ultra boost: the main rebound, the cushioning effect is very strong, can quickly gather and release energy, reduce more burden on the feet, suitable for sports running shoes;

6. Pure boost: Ultra’s prototype, the uppers are mostly knitted style, “rough” retro features, the power transition between the back and the back of the palm will be more comfortable, suitable for fashion and leisure.

Do Adidas boosts have no air cushions?

Adidas running shoes and nike running shoes have always been the two most popular on the market. Everyone will find that Adidas boost has no air cushion. This is a patent of Nike, not something other brands want to use. Boost is a patented technology of Adidas. The Boost material is highly wear-resistant and has the highest energy feedback efficiency in the industry. Combined with excellent cushioning effect, excellent wrapping and heat dissipation, runners can get a new running experience.

Adidas shoe size

In men’s shoes, if the foot length is 25cm, it corresponds to size 40 in my country’s shoe size table. In the United States, it is 7 yards. If it is 0.5cm larger, 0.5 will be added to the American standard.

If it is a women’s shoe, the foot length is 22cm, and the corresponding American standard is 5, and so on. For every 0.5cm added, the US size is also added 0.5. I believe that everyone will be able to remember the size more deeply and clearly. When you buy shoes, as long as you list the corresponding shoe size table in your heart, you can help you buy the shoes you like and completely fit.

How to wash Adidas shoes

1. Prepare the detergent and apply it evenly on the dirty places of the shoes. If some places are particularly dirty, you can apply it back and forth a few times.

2. After applying it, wait for half a minute and wipe it with a shoe cloth.

3. Prepare a soft brush for brushing shoes, wet the soft brush with water, turn off the faucet, and brush the soap a few times with the brush.

4. Gently scrub the bottom of the shoes for a week, there will be a lot of foam, the brush hair is very fine, and the dirt on the shoes can be washed off.

5. Use a shoe cloth dampened with water to clean the soap bubbles. Take your shoes to a ventilated place to dry.


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