What brand of shoes is UGG? How to maintain UGG boots?

The full name of UGG is UGG Australia, but this brand is not Australian, but an American brand. The initial positioning of UGG is a high-end luxury brand, which is supported by advanced marketing strategies and high-end fashion circles. So its pricing itself is in line with Deckers’ brand positioning. UGG is also well versed in star power. Gave over 300 pairs of sheepskin boots to talk show star Oprah for her to give to audiences on the show. UGG belongs to the middle and high-end boots brand. The price of UGG shoes is between $200 and $800, which is not cheap. A relatively high-end boot.

UGG is an American shoe brand, which belongs to the mid-end grade. Its products design shoes, clothing, accessories, lUGGage and household products. Its snow boots are the most famous.

what brand is UGG

UGG is a famous brand of snow boots in the United States. The original meaning is Ugly Boots, that is, ugly boots. In 1979, Australian surfer Brian Smith introduced this kind of boots to New York, USA, and began to sell them. He established a company and registered the UGG trademark. It was not popular, but after being acquired by Deckers, it changed its marketing strategy and let Hollywood stars wear snow boots, which made snow boots popular.

In 1978, an American guy named Brian Smith discovered UGG boots in Australia, and brought them back to the United States and registered a trademark, named UGG AUSTRALIA, which is the counter goods that everyone seeing. It is actually very simple to distinguish between American UGG and Australian UGG:

  1. The processing locations are different. UGG in the United States is processed in China and New Zealand, while UGG in Australia is handmade in Australia.

Second, the styles are different, the American UGG products are very exquisite in workmanship and have a sense of design. There are many styles and novelties, which are suitable for the discerning pursuit of details and the pursuit of fashion.

Australian UGG is rough, wild and original because it is hand-made. Of course, it also has unique designs, such as the design of waterproof coating, which is suitable for wild, unique style and unrestrained needs.

Can UGG snow boots be washed, can UGG snow boots touch water?

Everyone likes UGG snow boots very much. The quality and appearance of UGG snow boots are very good. The material of UGG snow boots is generally sheepskin and has no waterproof function. It is best not to put them in water.

Are UGG snow boots washable?

It can be washed with water, but do not soak the whole shoe, and it can only be washed by hand and not by machine. If there are stains, wet it with water. Remember to use cold water, hot water will reduce the viscosity of the shoe glue, destroy the natural elasticity of the sheepskin, and cause the sole to open or the shoe body to shrink. In addition, the cleaning agent should be selected without bleaching agent, and it is best to use a special cleaning agent for sheepskin if conditions permit. After cleaning, be sure to dry your boots in the shade, do not heat dry them by any means, and do not expose them to the sun. When dry, place the sole upside down. The entire body usually dries completely within a day or two, and the body may shrink slightly after drying, but this is normal for sheepskin materials. Generally, after an hour or so of wearing, the shoes will return to their original elasticity and comfort.

Can UGG snow boots touch water?

Usual UGG snow boots are not waterproof, UGG snow boots are made of sheepskin, which is not waterproof. In 2017, the UGG company has designs specifically waterproof styles, such as UGG Australia, Ever UGG and Ozlana UGG these styles, waterproof performance is excellent. If you want to buy waterproof UGG snow boots, you must distinguish the style you buy. UGG is actually a general term for this type of wool boots that originated in Australia. In 1978, an Australian surfer Brian established the UGG brand in Southern California, and UGG boots were first brought to the United States. In 1995, Deckers Outdoor Sports Company took over the business, allowing Hollywood stars to wear snow boots. The United States, and then quickly gained recognition in many countries.

How to wash the fur inside UGG snow boots

The detergent required in the washing process is not a neutral detergent, but a detergent containing a special collagen ingredient. Usually hand washing is most suitable and will cause the least damage to the shoes. It’s best to wash in the shortest amount of time with a detergent that contains moisturizing ingredients and less lather. The fur in the snow boots can be used with a colorless and transparent detergent and water to gently rub the fur in the shoes, then lightly wring out the moisture of the fur, and let it dry naturally. When 80% dry, you can use a hair dryer and a comb to comb the hair while blowing it to make the hair soft and stylish, and then air dry it naturally.

Snow boots maintenance steps

  1. Wet the surface of the boot with cold water.
  2. Dilute the detergent (without bleaching ingredients) 1:1 with water.
  3. Use a sponge to soak a small amount of diluted detergent, then gently scrub the entire surface of the suitcase.
  4. Rinse with cold water, shake off excess water, and fill with paper or towel to keep boots in shape.
  5. Air dry naturally, do not dry directly or expose to sunlight.
  6. After the boots are dry, use a leather brush to lightly brush in one direction. Note: Do not use detergent directly on boots. Brushing hard or using undiluted cleaners may damage the surface.


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