What are the most expensive Air Jordan 13? University PE version occupies half of them

Air Jordan 13 is the signature boots that accompanied the basketball god Michael Jordan to complete the second three consecutive championships. In the 97-98 season, the Chicago Bulls have won the NBA championship for two consecutive years, as long as they win this season. The Bull Dynasty will be achieved again, but this section of the road is not as smooth as imagined. AJ13 also gradually became known to fans during such a difficult period.

The number 13 has always been a symbol of bad luck in the West, because in Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting “The Last Supper”, the thirteenth guest is Judas, who sold Jesus to the Jewish authorities for 30 silver dollars. Caused Jesus to be tortured. There were 13 people participating in the Last Supper, and the date of the dinner happened to be the 13th. Therefore, in the West, people generally believe that the number 13 brings suffering and misfortune to Jesus, which also symbolizes bad luck and unknown.

Because of this religious reason, the AirJordan 13, which is popular today, was once regarded as the “boot of doom”, because this part of the journey in the 97-98 season was not easy for Jordan wearing AJ 13. This The 35-year-old basketball god is still invincible, but from the data point of view, he has to admit that he has also begun to decline a little, and other important players in the team have also begun to face age problems.

At that time, the senior management of the Bulls made it clear that they would not renew the contract with Zen master Phil Jackson, and Jordan directly stated that he was only willing to play under Zen master coaching. A lot of contradictions have arisen, and various reasons are stacked together, making this season Jordan’s most difficult championship season, which is also half-jokingly pushed by many fans to Jordan’s 13th-generation boots.

But it seems that if you want to achieve great things, you have to go through some hardships. The turbulent team finally overcame the difficulties, united and won. AJ13 has also become a generation of champion shoes, and many color matching have become classics in the classics. It’s not hard to see it in the movie.

AJ13 panda in the movie He Got Game

Now it seems that the Air Jordan 13 is definitely the most balanced and best-in-class signature boots Jordan has ever worn in his career. It was created exclusively for Jordan by the legendary designer Tinker, inspired by the cheetah, and it also represents Jordan. , a cold-blooded “ball court killer”, quick and fierce, calm and decisive.

Today, Maxluxes will take stock of ten pairs of Air Jordan 13 with the highest price in the market, and see which pair attracts your attention the most:

  1. Air Jordan 13 Retro Low Clot Black Red

The classic AirJordan 13 black and red color scheme was successfully transformed into the low-top version by Edison Chen’s CLOT. The choice of color and material is also different from the ordinary black and red 13. The collision of bright red and dark black is even more cool. The material of high-grade suede is also full of texture, and the heel and sole position have the CLOT Logo, showing a special joint identity.

  • Air Jordan 13 Retro Low Clot Sepia Stone

The Innersect trend exhibition founded by Edison Chen not only attracted the active participation of many shoe fans, but also allowed CLOT to successfully obtain the opportunity of co-branding with Jordan Brand. Guanxi chose his favorite Air Jordan 13 Low as the blueprint, incorporating the elements of ancient Chinese terracotta warriors. The design of the shoe body is like the armor of the Terracotta Warriors. The two-point and three-point raised details on the armor represent Jordan’s back number 23, which is unique.

  • Air Jordan 13 Retro The Shoe SurgeonBred

This special pair of Air Jordan 13 released by Jordan Brand in its own blog, the shoes use the classic Air Jordan 13 black and red color scheme as the blueprint, and cooperate with the famous Los Angeles custom shop The ShoeSurgeon for professional customization. They showed it on South State Street in Chicago. How to upgrade a traditional Air Jordan 13 customization into a tasteful and luxurious version with a snake-scale leather body.

  • Air Jordan 13 Retro Kansas Jayhawks PE

Oregon seems to dominate the field of college-only sneakers, but other Jordan Brand-sponsored schools clearly want the love. This pair of Air Jordan 13 is made exclusively by Jordan Brand for the Kansas Jayhawks. The tongue is decorated with the logo embroidery of the team’s color scheme. The shoe features a large area of white leather body with a red midsole and a navy blue outsole. The rarity is high. , full of features.

  • Air Jordan 13 Retro Premio Bin 23

This pair of Air Jordan13 Premio is the third batch of Jordan Brand Bin 23 series products. It was first released in Canada and then appeared in Japan in the same way. The shoes are limited to 1,734 pairs in the world and are relatively rare. The shoes are characterized by desert. Colored nubuck leather body surrounds and midsole, red suede body, white toe and sole, Bin23 fire lacquer pattern on the tongue, full of high-quality texture like ancient letters.

  • Air Jordan 13 Retro Ray Allen PE

In February 2011, Ray Allen broke Reggie Miller’s historical three-pointer record of 2,560 three-pointers. At that time, he was wearing this pair of exclusive color matching Air Jordan 13 PE. Area of white leather upper, midsole and heel decorated with four-leaf clover green representing the Green Army. There is also Ray Allen’s exclusive logo on the tongue position, and the upper foot effect is refreshing and simple. This shoe has not been sold in the market, so the market price is relatively high.

  • Air Jordan 13 Retro Low Michigan PE

This pair of Air Jordan 13 Low is exclusive to the Michigan Wolverine basketball team, using a color scheme of navy blue and bright yellow. The toe cap and shoe body are blue, and the midsole and part of the shoe body are surrounded by suede in yellow. The tongue has the word “M” exclusive to the University of Michigan, and there is a special graphic print on the lining. This pair of PE shoes was sent to the University of Michigan players and relatives during March Madness. The number is said to be less than 50. Double, so the rarity is extremely high, and the secondary market price is also very exaggerated.

  • Air Jordan 13 Retro Oregon Ducks PE

In order to pay tribute to the beautiful green landscape of Oregon, this pair of Air Jordan 13 Oregon PE is mainly green, with white embellishments on hemodialysis and part of the shoe body, which is very eye-catching. The green duck mascot is still the big “O” logo on the tongue. The shoes are also exclusive to the team, limited to relatives and friends, and the number is very small.

  • Air Jordan 13 Retro Oregon Ducks (F&F)

“Others’ School Series” is still the exclusive color matching Air Jordan 13 of the famous University of Oregon basketball team. The huge “O” logo embroidered on the tongue represents the University of Oregon, and the “MATT” below is in recognition of Matthew Knight. , the leopard eye position of the holographic image on the heel is also replaced by the duck mascot of Oregon. The white-gray shoe body is decorated with yellow-green details, which is particularly refreshing.

  1. Air Jordan 13 Retro Oregon Track & Field PE (2018)

This pair of Air Jordan 13 University of Oregon PE adopts the familiar formula of black and yellow, and replaces the Jumpman pattern with the mascot Donald Duck of the University of Oregon in the position of the holographic image leopard eye. The black body and outsole are matched with a yellow midsole. Designers Dan Sunwoo and Tinker Hatfield wanted to use this color combination to mimic a duck’s feet. The words “Track” and “Field” are added to the details and a huge “O” logo is added to the tongue to show the exclusive identity of the University of Oregon team.


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