What are the core technologies of Adidas running shoes? Adidas is more than just football boots

Adidas is recognized as the world’s second largest sports brand in the world, and only Nike’s market value can be compared with Adidas in the sports brand industry.

Although in the sales of professional equipment for various sports, Adidas has been firmly suppressed by Nike. Such as basketball shoes, casual shoes, etc. But in football, the world’s No. 1 sport, Adidas is the undisputed king.

Why does Adidas have such a deep dominance in the equipment of football, the world’s No. 1 sport? After all, it’s professionalism. Before Nike benefited from the rise of Jordan’s influence, Adidas was the most influential sports brand in the world. Even when Nike wanted to sign Jordan, Jordan was completely unmoved, he only had Adidas in his mind.

But in fact, adidas’ professionalism is not only reflected in football shoes. Adidas also has a wealth of running shoe technology, which can provide runners with more choices.

Adidas’ running shoe technology is divided into three categories, namely midsole, upper and outsole.

Midsole includes 3 types:

Boost, the world’s first foamed thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU). Abandoning the traditional EVA material, the characteristics of TPU and the advantages of foam are integrated, so that the entire midsole has excellent cushioning performance. And because of its better durability, the Boost midsole has an advantage over EVA in long-term sports. After foaming treatment, TPU can expand to 10 times its original volume like popcorn. Compared with traditional EVA material, it is lighter, has stronger cushioning, higher feedback rate, and is more durable and durable. Boost is generally used in cushioning running shoes Ultraboost, which is an entry-level midsole for Adidas. However, it can give consumers an excellent jogging experience. Jogging shoes are accustomed to referring to the Boost midsole as “feeling on shit”.

Boost gives Adidas more autonomy and voice in the running shoe market.

Lightstrike was the first midsole technology used in basketball shoes. The midsole foam made of EVA foam has lighter weight and better stability. Lightstrike is based on the product between bounce and boost, and the road feels very good. clear.

Later, Adidas found that it is also a good choice to use lightstrike sports in the field of running shoes. In the field of running shoes, lightstrike is mainly used in thin-sole racing shoes, such as aidos5, boston 9 and adidas SL2.0.

Lightstrike Pro, currently there is very little introduction to this midsole technology, but it is Adidas’ flagship midsole. With good softness and resilience, it is currently the lightest and most elastic midsole material of Adidas. At present, the top racing shoes adiZero Adios Pro series and Boston 10 will use Lightstrike Pro.

Adidas once dominated the international professional marathon events with the Lightstrike Pro midsole. In the international marathon event, the winners wore shoes equipped with the Lightstrike Pro midsole to greatly improve the world record. It is precisely because of this glorious record that Adidas began to have a place in the jogging shoe industry.

The upper also includes 3 types:

Primeknit vamp, Adidas’ vamp processing technology, through seamless connection, the vamp can knit the entire upper part as one, completely abandoning the original lining support frame, and relying on the vamp itself to provide flexibility and support.

Shoes treated with Primeknit upper treatment technology allow runners to run more freely and more comfortably.

CelerMesh upper, a new type of single-layer composite material, has a support structure inside. The very thin new material makes the shoe body lighter as a whole, and at the same time, it can ensure that the single-layer integrated upper structure can ensure sufficient upper strength. , which combines flexibility and breathable support, while sweat-absorbing performance has been further improved.

PrimeBlue upper, an upper made of high-performance PRIMEBLUE eco-friendly yarn made from recycled ocean plastic. The PrimeBlue upper reflects the responsibility and responsibility of Adidas as an international brand.

There are also 3 types of outsole:

Continental Continental outsole applies more than 140 years of tire manufacturing technology to the research and development of running soles, and adopts the original BiPoly formula technology. Therefore, the sole rubber is rich in highly active silicon, and each molecule creates the ultimate grip. Compared to other shoes, the sole with this formula has a 30% increase in grip, resulting in better contact with the road surface, better traction transmission, and thus increased overall speed.

The Continental outsole of the Continental brand has greatly improved the stability of the running shoes, reducing accidents during jogging. This cross-border technology application fully illustrates the brand heritage of Adidas as a big national brand.

Torsion System anti-torsion technology, a piece of thermoplastic material (Pebax) embedded in the midsole of the shoe, it has considerable elasticity and hardness, and can better connect the forefoot and the heel, making the most natural mutual traction. Such a traction fit can greatly reduce the chances of an athlete spraining the ankle, as the vast majority of ankle sprains result from incoordination of the front and rear heel movements. Torsion System anti-torsion technology gives joggers real protection.

LEP (Linear Energy Push) propulsion system is a new support and stabilization solution. Use adidas LEP reinforcement to replace the TORSION SYSTEM in the previous generation, embedded in the lower layer of the midsole, and the strip covers the mid-forefoot position. The flexural stiffness of the forefoot has been increased by 15%, the support stability has been greatly improved, and the responsiveness is faster, so that the feet can be pushed off the ground faster for a more responsive running. Currently mainly used in Ultra Boost 21 running shoes.

It can be seen that although Adidas is not a sports brand that mainly sells jogging shoes, its investment and research and development in the product chain of running shoes is not less than that of professional jogging shoe brands. Even in order to develop running shoes that are more suitable for the market and more catering to consumers, we continue to deepen the core technology of our own brand. These rare brand characteristics are the reason why a brand has always been leading the world sports brand!


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