Until Nike takes the initiative to cater to young people, how much of Air Jordan’s feelings are left?

How many people are still wearing Air Jordan because of their feelings? How many are really attracted by street basketball culture and why they understand it? Don’t say that I have feelings one by one, say that I pretend to be og, because the feelings still exist, so I just want to talk about the phenomenon of young people following the trend and pursuing Air Jordan.

Nowadays, most young people’s dressing habits start from learning Han Fan, and most of our “old people” have the dressing habits of following the streets, which is the style of the first batch of banzi and rapper.

In the eyes of many young people now, their nike is a trendy brand, while our group of nikes in the last century is just a sports brand. . . Because many of them can’t even recognize the 1st to 21st generation, and our group of “old people” are used to discussing what technology this certain generation is every day. . .

Because most of them are accustomed to using nicknames such as forbidden wear and big devil, and our group of last century will only recite from 1 to 31. . . Because they will chase when their dunk is hot, they will chase when their air force is hot, they will chase when their terminator is hot, and they will chase after Air Jordan and Yeezy when they are hot.

Just a few days ago, I saw a very interesting phenomenon. The Air Jordan counter of a large Nike store on Huaihai Road in Shanghai was crowded with men and women. No matter how ugly the Air Jordan was, someone would try it. On the side, there is a pair of Charles Barkley’s Olympic color air force 180, but there is no one there.

Why is the price of the same price, the color matching, and the shoes of almost the same status in the past are hardly known now. 10 years ago, a pair of all-white Air Jordan4s could not be sold at a price of more than 900 after almost a discount. At that time, I went all over Shanghai to find this pair of af180s, which were almost rare, and I couldn’t find them.

The answer is that the feelings are still there, but the business still has to continue, but nike has discovered that relying on feelings to sell shoes to us, the old people of the last century, makes money – far from being repackaged and re-sold as it happens now. Even Air Jordan.

They are still young and have the capital, and we, the old people of the last century, no matter how many pairs of Air Jordan1s you have in the first year, we can only wear suits and leather shoes every day when we go to work. Now nike earns money from young people, so they desperately pack themselves in the direction of the trend, and our group of “expired people” has become a tasteless customer in their eyes. . .

In my eyes, it’s not that the consumer groups have changed, but Nike itself is changing its positioning to cater to the market. . . In my opinion, it is not that the two groups of people have opposing viewpoints, but that the same Air Jordan was not in the same sense in the two generations, so I can understand why young people like to follow the trend and buy Air Jordan.


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