Two of the most popular Air max recommendations in golden autumn

Nike Kyrie 9 Air Zoom Embroidered Air Cushioned Basketball Shoe

Nike Kyrie 9 Air Zoom Embroidered Air Cushion Basketball Shoes DJ6017-400, the sole is still exposed in the middle and rear foam shoes, and the Swoosh outside the forefoot is presented with a hollow embroidery process. The outsole incorporates elements such as the Owen Logo and Venus flytrap pattern, and is equipped with a full-length Air Zoom Strobel air cushion.

The gold dresses up the midsole, the upper is covered with clear yarn material, and it is also filled with transparent material. The Keep Sue Fresh slogan is embroidered on the tongue, and the forefoot is covered in rubber. The inside of the heel is embroidered with Roman numerals to present four numbers, which looks thinner than the previous two generations.

Jordan Black and Yellow Electric Mother Air Jordan 4 Lightning Lightning Basketball Shoes CT8527-700. The Jordan AJ4 White midsole features black mesh accents above. The body of the shoe is nubuck leather with grey lace closures. The whole body is made of black and yellow leather upper, and the color matching of yellow and dark blue gray is used. The collision of colors and the white midsole embellishment follow the details of the first year.

Nike Collaboration AMBUSH x Nike Air Adjust Force Summit Retro Basketball Shoe DM8465-100, Nike Adjust Force Retro Shoe with Detachable Velcro. The black rubber outsole is paired with a white Swoosh, and the shape looks like a bread shoe. Featuring a removable shroud at the midfoot, muscular power lines across the shoe, and Nike Grind rubber on Yoon’s Nike Air Adjust Force outsole.

Nike Atlanta University co-branded Nike SB Dunk Low CAU Athletics black gray and red mandarin duck sneakers DR6189-001. The body of the shoe is embellished with pure white leather fabric with a black frame, and the inner lining of the shoe is red. The tongue is embellished with the classic Panther Logo.

The Swoosh on the side of the shoe is red, and the color is reversed on the other foot. The laces are designed with the university motto FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE Find a way or make one.

NIKE Air Zoom Tempo Next% Marathon Air Cushioned Ultra-break Second Running Shoes

Breaking two Next% has been highly praised since its birth, and it has also been dubbed Nike‘s strongest running shoes by many people.

The tongue of the shoe is a sock cover, and the extensibility is limited. The sawtooth details on the shoelace are still very careful to avoid loosening during running, which is still very useful during competitions.

A new woven upper is adopted, which has higher density, more precision, and better wrapping, and the one-piece tongue does not have the previous sense of oppression. The connection between the upper and the midsole uses a circle of transparent glue to enhance the durability of the edge of the upper.

The hardness of the heel is mainly concentrated in the lower half, which is very good. The ankle releases a certain degree of flexibility, so the upper soft and lower hard setting is very clever, which can provide a certain stability and sufficient locking feeling, without locking the entire heel, and can provide more options for different running postures.

In addition to the narrow arch of the midsole, the width is much wider than the front, and the sole is thicker. More foam makes the foot feel softer. The sole is 39mm in the back and 35mm in the forefoot, which is very exaggerated thickness.

According to the current mileage progress, the optimal lifespan of this forefoot outsole should be within 200km. Of course, if your weight is heavy or your feet are particularly ruthless, this number may be further reduced.


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