“True Blue” Air Jordan 1 official image first exposure! Hidden details See you for the first time!

Although the popularity of Air Jordan 1 has not been high in recent years, it is also a good time to start for players who really like this shoe type.

Recently, the new color matching Air Jordan 1 “True Blue” ushered in the exposure!

When it comes to the “True Blue” color scheme, many friends must think of the “True Blue” Air Jordan 3 back then.

The refreshing visual effect is really popular, and the current market price of the last re-engraved version has reached as high as $400.

Air Jordan 3 “True Blue”

Speaking of this new pair of Air Jordan 1, the design language on the color matching is similar to that of the 3rd generation. The shoe body is made of three colors: white, blue and gray.

It is worth noting that the gray of the sole is also quite detailed, creating a style in line with the three generations, and shaping the original “true blue” style.

In terms of material, the upper is made of leather material, and it also shows a sense of hierarchy when matched with different colors.

The interesting thing is that this time, the black and red shoe box was also changed to blue, which echoes the body of the shoe, and an extra pair of white laces is also included with the shoe.


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