Customer buying experience —— The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse down jacket from Maxluxes

Reason for purchase

I am living in the northeast, Germany, so down jackets are naturally essential in winter. Northerners know this in their hearts, that is, buying a down jacket is very expensive! And I can’t buy a messy one. The drill wool and fleece are not good, and they don’t keep warm. Therefore, every down jacket costs thousands of dollars. If there is a long one, there is also a short one, and if there is a dark one, there is a light one. Color, so the money is gone.hahaha…Until one day I found the unbelievable shopping website “Maxluxes”. Wow, It’s really suitable for me who have a little budget want to buy good quality products. While I am not really care about it’s real or not. Because in my opinion, brand just a name, quality and materials are much more important. So after that day, I have bought many many things including clothing and shoes.

Having said so much, it’s just an excuse for me to buy another down jacket. I have bought a lot of down jackets in the past, but except for a Canada goose, I think they are a little bit outdated, so I searched and compared other brands recently. There are all kinds of down jackets in the trend, and I found this one on Maxluxes. The full English name is The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket. The American version is called 1996 for short.

I hope I can help you to explore The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket series. As soon as the Nuptse Jacket was launched, it quickly became part of the expedition system with its ultra-light/warm/easy-to-compress properties, as well as its unique partition structure, making it warm in extreme environments. The name is “The North Face”, which means to explore the most difficult and dangerous outdoor spirit. In 1992, the launch of Nuptse Jacket laid the basic form of TNF down jacket, 700 bulkiness goose down filling + DWR water-repellent treatment + adjustable and adjustable hood + 2 hand pockets with safety zipper + elastic cuff edge + hem with drawstring + The separation structure that prevents the velvet from precipitating has remained the same to this day. In 1996, the Retro Nuptse Jacket took the square silhouette and oversized lining of the Nuptse jacket, and redesigned it in terms of water repellency and warmth.

I ordered it on Oct, black color short one, the US version, oh I used their coupon, don’t forget that guys. I am 184cm and weigh about 165 pounds, so I bought the XL.

Here I want to talk about the difference between the American version and the Korean version. The difference is… I haven’t bought it. How do I know it? I just read what everyone said, saying that the Korean version is thin, and there is no “700” embroidery on the left cuff. There are some differences, the US version of the sleeves are longer and fatter, etc., and then the price is doubled. Looking at it this way, let’s buy the US version on Maxluxes. If you decided buy one thing, are you care about price, right?

This October really cold, it’s late autumn and early winter season.I decisively placed an order, the price was $199, and the goods arrived in 7 days.

Appearance Gallery

Material filling: It is too professional to say, waterproof fabric, I did not pour water on it to test, the fabric feels very thick, and the quality is really good. The filling is goose down and the tag says it. After the clothes are taken out of the bag, the fluffing speed is very fast, and they become bread directly after being put on.

Wearing experience: The US version is indeed a short and fat type. It is reasonable to say that the US size is one size larger than the normal size. I bought XL and it was considered a big one, but when I put it on, the bottom edge of the clothes is basically above the waist, which is considered a short style. The clothes are very inflated as a whole, so it is really trendy, Oversize style, but I will definitely not be able to wear one size larger. The sleeves of the clothes are really fat and long, but the cuffs are adjustable and can be adjusted tight. In short, the materials and quality are fantastic. Maxluxes’ products are great value for money!


After the replicas what we bought gradually arrived, my wife found a problem. Although I only accounted for two of these items (one The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse down Jacket and one Air Jordan sneaker), there are a lot more items than hers.

It can only be said that I have a deep routine, and then, this winter, I can temporarily stop buying  –The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Down Jacket will stay with me this winter.


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