Three pairs of Air Jordan in the 21st century! A work of art that combines actual combat with a gentleman’s style!

The 50 stars of 1997, the 75 stars of 2022, and Michael Jordan are all standing in the most dazzling center.

In Game 6 of the 1998 Finals, Jordan knocked down Byron Russell and hit the “one shot of the century” lore.

The second time he announced his retirement during the offseason, Air Jordan’s shoes on the court stayed in the Air Jordan 14 inspired by Ferrari.

Farewell to the altar for a while, the exposure task of Air Jordan 15 is left to young people.

But the Air Jordan 15, which has a breakthrough appearance, did not set off too much heat in the market.

On September 25, 2001, a blockbuster news detonated the basketball circle: “Michael Jordan is back again and joined the Washington Wizards.”

This day has been two years and eight months since Jordan announced his retirement for the second time. Jordan is 38 years and 7 months old.

Today, let’s review the Air Jordan 16, Air Jordan 17 and Air Jordan 18 that Jordan has worn for two seasons.

Air Jordan 16

With the topical blessing of Jordan’s comeback, Air Jordan 16 changed to a gentleman’s style route in a long enough preparation time.

Perhaps the breakthrough of midsole technology has reached the limit, and Air Jordan 16 began to start with the upper and “stamped it”.

Wilson Smith designed the Air Jordan XVI under the direction of Tinker, inspired by the challenges Jordan faced during his career.

Air Jordan 16 has been released in three versions: patent leather toe, non-patent leather toe and magnetic shoe cover can be flipped version.

While detachable shoe covers are a revolutionary blend of technology and style, they also add weight and compromise breathability.

The full palm visualization air cushion, the actual combat experience can only be regarded as quite satisfactory. But Ray Allen likes the Air Jordan XVI very much.

After many re-engravings and new color matching remodeling, the sports fashion attribute has long been greater than the actual combat attribute.

The most recent remake is the Jordan Why Not x Converse set coming out in 2020. Contains two pairs of Air Jordan 16 and Converse Chuck 70 sneakers.

Air Jordan 17

The Air Jordan 17 hit the market in 2002 with a launch price of up to $200. Designer Wilson Smith continued the gentleman style of the previous generation.

Inspired by jazz and pure aristocratic British Aston Martin cars, luxury and art have become synonymous with it.

There is an embossed JUMPMAN logo on the shoe box, and the upper is made of high-strength fabric material and synthetic leather.

There are two rows of lace holes on the side of the shoe, and the shoe cover design made of leather and elastic nylon mesh is used, which has lateral stretchability and can be better wrapped on the upper.

There is also a music symbol on the edge of the shoe cover, the JUMPMAN logo on the middle TPU layer, and the silver stabilizer on the heel to show the sports car dynamic, and the word Jordan is printed.

The sole pattern is inspired by Jordan’s favorite golf course. With the Zoom in the forefoot and the Blow-molser air cushion in the back, the actual combat performance is excellent.

The midsole is equipped with lightweight Phylon foam + Zoom air cushion in the forefoot + new Blow-molser air cushion in the rear palm, which has excellent actual combat performance.

Air Jordan 18

In the 2002-03 season, Jordan emphasized that this was his last season, and the Air Jordan XVIII went on sale in 2003.

Since it was his last pair of sneakers on the court, Jordan himself participated in the design throughout. Air Jordan XVIII, like the 40-year-old Jordan, revealed a mature atmosphere.

Metal mesh material on the tongue and ankle sides for good support and breathability. Padded collar design and Lycra fabric enhance wearing comfort.

Midsole Lightweight Phylon midsole + full palm Zoom air cushion + rear palm Zoom air cushion, full palm TPU support tray with CCCP technology, bringing the top actual combat experience.

All-Star Mariah Carey sang “Hero” for Jordan. Jordan accompanied the youth of a generation, and Air Jordan also represented an era.

What impressions do you have on these three pairs of gentlemanly full-fledged AJ generations?


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