Three Nike Dunks suitable for October out of the street

Dunk Low\’ Nike× Off white\ series

Because I knew that there would definitely be a bunch of similar college colors in the future, I didn’t buy all three pairs of colors at that time.

But in general, the entire irgj co-branded series is actually designed in very good details. Maybe we will think that as long as it is not a stamped joint name, it is a good joint name. It is true that there are too many stamped joint names. I personally don’t like it.

There are different styles of joint names, and some people think that they like the simple style.

At the same time, I also think that since it is a joint name, there must be enough sincerity and do something to subvert some things in the past, which is a good pair of joint names.

The color matching of this pair of Dunk low follows the OG color matching method, only the upper and the tongue position have been changed, and the text content on the shoe body is also irgi! Gerry is the most commonly used, and it is very subversive in the Dunk released in the early stage. change.

The price is much more stable now than when it was released. At present, Dunk or Sb dunk has occupied the C position this year, and more styles will be released in the future.

The suggestion to start will not go into too much elaboration here, it depends on whether you like OG to play color matching or co-branding.

In terms of matching, no matter what in summer, a pair of shorts can be worn casually. I love these shoes very much, because they are really cool.

Nike brings a blurry whirlwind to the Dunk Low

Available in a variety of colors and materials, the Nike Dunk Low has certainly grown accustomed to deviating from the norm. And for its latest offering — colloquially known as the “Terry Swoosh” — its silhouette continues to embrace the unconventional, as it looks far more fuzzier than your average GR.

As their nickname suggests, these Dunk Lows make a bold use of terry cloth, applying it to the Swoosh and heel tab. In the burnt red finish, the plush material complements the adjoining structure – mainly the light pink brushed over the tumbled leather base. Elsewhere, the rest of the shoe is balanced in a neutral tan, which is used to embellish the suede overlays, woven tongue, midsole and more.

Nike Black Halloween Collaboration Neckface x Nike SB Dunk Low

Nike Black Halloween joint Neckface x Nike SB Dunk Low timid low-top sneakers DQ4488-001. The style that Neckface excels at. The lightning pattern and the word SHOCKERS on the back of the left midsole, the entire shoe body is covered with all kinds of graffiti-style ghosts and ghosts, rendering a terrifying Halloween atmosphere, and the midsole is also depicted with lightning patterns.

Fierce-looking skeletons, weird bats, dagger-wielding demons, and mummies exude a weird and terrifying atmosphere. The black soles are covered with creepy patterns of skulls, demons, bats, tombstones, snakes and more.


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