Three minutes to take you to understand the “Queen of Down Jackets” Moncler

Today, Maxluxes would like to talk with you about Moncler. I believe many people have heard of this brand.

Moncler is a luxury down jacket brand. It has the nickname of “Feather Emperor”. From this title, we can know that the company is mainly known for its down jackets. Its down jackets not only have strong cold resistance and warmth retention functions, but also have a very high appearance, so Friends who usually follow the entertainment circle can often see that their idols will have a few masked down jackets! Here is a brief introduction to it.

Moncler was founded in Grenoble, France in 1952 and is currently headquartered in Milan, Italy. It is a company that started with professional equipment, and its products are mainly based. The Moncler brand name comes from the abbreviation of the small town Monestier de Clermont. The story of Moncler began during the Second World War. The brand has a legendary history. Today, Moncler has become the leading international brand in the outdoor down jacket industry.

During World War II, an organization called “Chantiers de Jeunesse” emerged in France, which operated mainly through a group of former Air Forces and officials in the Alps who were interested in teaching young people the responsibilities of fame. Remillon, 33, was an important ski manufacturer in Grenoble at the time. He served in the army and provided the group with equipment. 26-year-old businessman Andre Vincent ran a printing factory before the war. He used to be a mountain ranger and ski instructor. In the organization, he is the head coach. Lionel Terray, 22, comes from one of the best families in Grenoble. The three people developed a deep friendship because of outdoor life and skiing. They founded Moncler in 1952. Their bold innovation and novel design under the premise of ensuring quality and performance made the Moncler down jacket popular among the masses as soon as it was launched. favorite!

What really made Moncler company from a small manufacturer of sports equipment to the current down jacket brother, or because in 2003, after CEO Mr. Ruffini bought the skiwear company that was in trouble at the time, with Moncler down in the 1980s, it gave people The good reputation left by the company has positioned the company’s products as high-end and high-quality down jackets through a series of operations, and with the passage of time, the company’s long history and brand value have been highlighted, and finally successfully listed in Milan at the end of 2013. Once listed It became the largest luxury IPO in the European capital market that year because of the unprecedented enthusiasm in the market. In the following years, it has been developing steadily and vigorously, and its first brother’s position is more stable as Mount Tai!

How about the Moncler down jacket as the emperor of feathers?

As the old saying goes, every penny is worth every penny. Moncler can be said to have achieved the best of all the indicators of a down jacket.

1. Raw materials

As we all know, down jackets are called down jackets because the inner filling is down, and down is divided into goose down and duck down. And Moncler chooses the best quality goose down from Hungary and France. Because the output of goose down is lower than that of duck down, the price of goose down is determined from the fundamental material.

2. Bulkiness

A well-known down jacket should have a bulkiness of at least 650 or more, while Moncler’s bulkiness is generally above 800.

3. The amount of cashmere

Many people have a misunderstanding that the more down-filled down jackets the better, but this is not the case. Filled with a lot of fleece, not only the high weight affects the comfort, but also because the density of the filling increases, the heat conducted through the filling material gradually disappears, that is, the heat cannot be locked, and the warmth will definitely not be very good if the heat cannot be locked. The down jackets we wear every day generally have a down filling capacity of about 250-450 grams, and the down filling capacity is generally 70-80 grams, while Moncler’s down jacket filling capacity is more than 90%.

4. Fashionable and atmospheric version

As the most popular down jacket in the entertainment industry, it is not only because of the above three reasons, but also because of its version, lines and unconventional fashion, so it is favored by the audience.

Do you like this kind of Moncler?

Well, today’s sharing is here, everyone is welcome to forward comments, thank you guys.


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