The three most classic AJs, which one is your favorite?

In recent years, the market of AJ sneakers has become more and more popular, and the price has become higher and higher, but Air Jordan sneakers are not suitable for actual combat. Because of their exquisite appearance and historical commemorative value, the market of AJ will become larger and larger. Today’s small Compiled for everyone to take stock of the three most classic AJ.

Third place: AJ4. AJ4 is a relatively unpopular style of AJ sneakers, but AJ4 is also a very classic Air Jordan. It can be said that the Air Jordan series really has a soul after AJ4. The complex air cushion structure of basketball shoes before AJ4 makes the weight of basketball shoes. Gradually increasing, although the external air cushion has been used in AJ3, the design and technology of AJ3 are not mature enough, and the appearance is not as full and beautiful as AJ4. It can be said that AJ4 is a nirvana rebirth of the Air Jordan series.

Second place. AJ11. AJ11 is my favorite shoe. This is the first time in the history of basketball shoes that patent leather is used. It makes the shoes light and gorgeous and not easy to stretch. The nylon material of the upper completely reduces the overall load and greatly improves the usability of the sneakers. The AJ11 was designed just in time for Jordan’s return to the NBA from baseball, and Jordan was deeply attracted by the AJ11 when he first saw it. Jordan’s second year back was wearing this shoe to start a new dynasty. Later, Jordan gave his AJ11 boots to the rising star McGrady, telling him that this is my favorite sneaker, and your performance is worthy of this pair of shoes. Maddie was flattered and couldn’t put it down.

first place. AJ1.

AJ1 does not have much technology and history. He is Jordan’s first pair of signature sneakers, which is its most important historical value and the most classic one. The beginning of air jordan is also the most replica one of air jordan. The simple design and various color matching lead the trend of sneaker culture, and it is also a must-have shoe for every sneaker collector.

The other shoes of the AJ series are also very classic, and the above only represents the personal opinion of the Maxluxes. Which one do you like best?


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