The sneaker expert reveals the replica of online shopping, How to choose the Yeezy 700?

Speaking of Yeezy, everyone must be familiar with it. From the first generation of Yeezy350, its creator Kanye is the same. However, the retro style has also become popular in the past two years. When it comes to retro “daddy shoes”, if you are still in the Balenciaga stage, then you are out.

In 2017, the Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner, which was frequently used by Kanye, has a unique retro shape and a striking contrasting color design. To the interpretation of the Kardashian family and friends, the Yeezy 700 Boost is a brand-new retro running shoe. The most talked-about and super-popular new product in the Yeezy family.

2018 will usher in a wider range of Adidas global sales. The date is tentatively set for this summer, but there has been no news of the release in China, and it has always maintained a sense of freshness and mystery to this day.

Because it is impossible to buy at domestic counters. So many shoe controllers want to start a pair of Yeezy 700 and have to choose a treasure to buy. There are also many customers and friends who have privately asked Maxluxes whether it is true or false! So Maxluxes will briefly explain to you today, is the real thing we buy online? There is also the so-called purchasing agent, whether it is reliable or not.

Many friends can open the T.B link and try to rank the sales in descending order. There are some with the price of 900-3000+, and there are hundreds of pairs of monthly sales. Delivery Location. USA, Jiangsu, Shanghai. There are different places. Do you have a question here? what the hell?

I am here to answer all these so-called questions for you:

Isn’t it hard to buy abroad? Why is there so much inventory online. As long as you buy it, the store will have it and promise to deliver it on the same day. In the entire shoe circle, one shoe is hard to find, and your store sells dozens or even hundreds of pairs per month. The store also promised to deliver the goods on the same day. Where can there be a steady supply of goods? Kanye supplies you? Funny.

Maxluxes will tell you here again that what you buy may be fake. There are friends who question it, but the store has promised to authenticate and authenticate. Fidelity! Maxluxes tells you that now these small second stores have all had contact with Hupu, the god of poisonous apps, and they charge corresponding commissions according to the amount. The goods that are sold will be marked, and the appraiser will pass the appraisal when they see the goods. You are naturally ripped off. As long as these platforms are related, the money will be in place. Goods can stay on the platform.

Then someone will ask, the delivery location on the platform, the United States, Jiangsu, Shanghai, etc. It sounds like factory goods, Maxluxes tells you that you can actually look at the news that was exposed earlier. People in our local stalls know that there is a kind of express called “off-site online”. The goods are actually sent from the original place. When a friend who buys shoes goes to check the express trail, the logistics trail will be changed to Jiangsu, Shanghai, Even America, Singapore, Japan.

I really thought that I bought an overseas purchasing agent, the original goods, after going around for a week, or even signing for 10 days, you really thought that I bought an overseas purchasing agent direct mail. This is also a common trick for online shopping, so that these stores can earn thousands of dollars per pair of shoes. Really black-hearted profiteering! Everyone must know very well that the development cost of a pair of shoes is high-end technology, and the labor cost will not exceed 1,000. And the advertising, promotion, billing, and verification fees of these platforms are passed on to consumers. These platforms sell top high-quality imitations in front of genuine products, and deceive consumers at genuine prices to make huge profits. It is not surprising that everyone wants to make money.

It’s easy to understand many of my friends here, but I can’t say all of them. You may also buy real purchasing goods, but Maxluxes reminds you that this probability is very small. The most of them are replicas.

In fact, most of the shoes sold on the platform are produced locally by factories and are only available to online flagship stores. It’s just that this kind of supply is differentiated from the common replica circulating in the market. The platform finds the best replica original factories to place orders directly, and requires that the workmanship quality of the version meets the standard and the raw material production process.

This is the origin of the top channel goods. Maxluxes does not hide that he is a shoe stall, and he also loves the shoes of the Yeezy series, and is also fortunate to cooperate with the best channel factory. This kind of channel goods start as long as 750. I don’t want to express how cheap other people are selling them. I know that cheap is not good. It’s just that the place where I live is to make high imitation shoes, and I have made shoes for several years.

The same quality is indeed much cheaper than ordinary micro-businesses. Saying so much is to remind everyone to be sensible. Don’t be tricked. There are also shoddy bad sellers in the market, which is really disgusting! Finding the right channel can save a lot of money.


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