The secret that The North Face can produce explosive models every year

Last winter, college campuses, streets and alleys frequently saw people wearing “The North Face Down Jackets”. They formed groups of people, which once made “all members of The North Face” a hot word on the Internet, and even got “spit out” by the official, confirming the sentence ” Just join if you can’t beat it”, which shows how out of control the scene is.

When it comes to being out of control, the “all villains” with emojis in 2020, and the “full Air Jordan” in 2021, were both popular items at the time, and of course they became the object of complaints. If it is said that all the villains have hit the psychology of young people to spoof rebellion, the classic AJ (especially AJ1) is popular, and it is a hype by two dealers + blindly following the trend, then The North Face is neither a spoof nor these spoofing operations, How did he do it?

Because it looks so versatile? Because wear it with a face? Or because of the “sand sculpture” joy of “confirming your eyes, you are the same kind of person” in the crowd? Or these are all reasons, but the real connection of these The North Face down jackets, how did it go from the outdoor niche to the altar today, and become the most Hype trend brand? Perhaps it is more meaningful to discuss, in this You will find out, who is behind the scenes?

Nuptse Jacket / The North Face

The down jacket in “All THE North Face” refers specifically point to The North Face’s Nuptse Jacket series, which is a professional thermal equipment launched by the brand in 1992.

As soon as the Nuptse Jacket was launched, it quickly became part of the expedition system with its ultra-light/warm/easy-to-compress properties, as well as its unique partition structure, making it warm in extreme environments.

Nuptse in the name comes from Tibet, which means “the peak in the west”, referring to the Nuptse Peak on the southwest side of Mount Qomolangma. The topographic conditions here are extremely complex, and it is called the “Topographic Museum”. Named after this, it shows The North Face’s confidence in this product.

This name is exactly the same as The North Face, the brand name comes from the symbol of the Yosemite National Park in California, The North Face of Half Dome Mountain, the coldest and most difficult north slope on the mountain. Therefore, which means to explore the most difficult and dangerous outdoor spirit.

In 1996, the Retro Nuptse Jacket took the square silhouette and oversized lining of the Nuptse jacket, and redesigned it in terms of water repellency and warmth.

The fully upgraded 1996, relying on the “hip-hop fever” of the 1990s and the “street pop culture” of teenagers, further penetrated into the trend circle. The Figure is the 1996 advertisement screen that Lauren Hill participated in, and Figure 2 is the big shot of the film and television circle dressed in 1996 screen. Even in 1996, New York Magazine wrote an article to describe the love of The North Face by a group of young people playing rap, graffiti, and skateboarding on the streets of New York.

The smooth exit in 1996 directly drove The North Face’s brand revenue to exceed 200 million US dollars in 1997. After that, the brand was acquired by VF Corporation. Under the management of the multi-brand group VF, the blockbuster joint release and the blessing of a group of trend icons brought high exposure and trend to the north, really starting from the “niche outdoor” market. Towards the “mass trend” market.

The new journey of trending began in 2007, because in 2007, the North Face launched a joint project with the street brand Supreme for the first time, which made The North Face a historical moment in the development of “street culture” (the North Face is the first outdoor joint name with the street brand). After that, the joint name of the two parties has become a routine operation, and the launch of new products every season can lead to trendy topics, especially the 2017 Snow Mountain series.

In addition to Supreme’s assistance, The North Face‘s trending process, indispensable fashion/trend/designer brands such as Sacai, Brain Dead, MM6 Maison Margiela, and even luxury brands like Gucci, have brought more fresh exploration to the brand.

Today, as a representative of the “popular trend”, The North Face has a broad mass base and popularity, and the 1996 (Retro Nuptse Jacket) has “overcame obstacles” all the way. As the most representative winter item of the brand, it is not difficult to understand that it is sought after.

For winter wearing, 1992 (Nuptse Jacket) and 1996 (Retro Nuptse Jacket) are both good choices. In comparison, 1996 is more recommended with a trendy version.

4 partition structures, the fluffy feeling brought by 700 goose down filling, plus the loose and versatile version, taking into account both warmth and shape, it is still a good choice for winter down jackets.

Including the “full The North Face ” that set off a big wave last year, the 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket (down jacket) from the ICON series of TNF is favored by “outdoor” and “trend” enthusiasts.

In the selection of 1996, here is an example of the male version. There are commonly available American, Japanese, and Korean versions. The Japanese version is between the American version and the Korean version. The US version has a short and wide version (short body/long sleeves), which is thick and fluffy, with better warmth retention. Although the Korean version is cheaper than the American version, the warmth brought by the 700 bulkiness and the trendiness brought by the short and wide version are more recommended for the American version.

If you have a high demand for warmth, you can consider Himalayan Parka in the ICON series in the north, which is more wrapping. The lake blue brought this year has a high appearance, which can be used as an alternative for down jackets other than 1996.

1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket, spliced with its own hard power and versatile attributes, as a representative of classic down jackets, has its own innate advantages and acquired momentum.

Mountain Parka / The North Face

As another 1990 Mountain Parka (jacket) in the ICON series, it also adopts the classic design of TNF, and entered the public eye earlier in the process of trending.

The 1990 Mountain Jacket, along with the 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket (down jacket) and the 1995 Retro Denali Jacket (fleece), was the base fit for countless collaborations.

On the basis of the loose fit version, it continues the outdoor functional design features, DryVent waterproof, breathable and wear-resistant three-in-one fabric, intimate design of the underarm zipper, detachable zipper and large and small pockets that can be placed.

The Mountain Down Jacket, designed in association with the Mountain (Light) Jacket, is also a classic design of TNF, with the addition of warm down, which is more suitable for winter wear.

As one of the most popular and classic styles of TNF, the Baltro Light Jacket is also a good choice. The cooperation model with GORE-TEXT® has stronger moisture and wind resistance properties. As long as you do not go to the polar regions, you can basically travel through any winter weather without barriers.

Whether it’s a jacket or a down jacket, classic models like TNF are more versatile, with a sweater/hoodie inside to get a street look.

The deeper layer behind this is “commercial operation”, from outdoor to trend, from brand single-line development to VF Group’s resource boost, which has created Nuptse Jacket‘s status in the trend circle, and also made The North Face from the outdoor niche to the trendy public. step development.

But what is magnified is the phenomenon, and what is exposed is the product. Only the classics still shine after the tide has receded. In the constant change, it glows with its vitality, and you and me who are attracted by it are no longer this trend. The “pusher” of the movement, but the real participant, because of the exploration, it will never stop!


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