What are the qualifications for the replica of sneakers, besides AJ, what are the replica of models?

As one of the top ten words that must be recited in the shoe circle, “Retro” can be described as a household name. This word brought by Jordan Brand has finally successfully affected various brands.

Even though this move has been defined as “one of the ways for sporting goods companies to make money,” most people are still willing to pay for it. In this regard, we can’t help but ask, what kind of shoes will make people willing to be “slaughtered”?

As my first pair of replica sneakers, this pair of AJ4+ made me look good when I wore it.

In the era when the Internet was not yet developed, access to sneaker information could only be done through extremely limited TV clips and Hong Kong and Taiwan magazines. It was an era of sneakers that was completely different from today. New shoes were thriving, and old shoes had not yet raised their heads. Re-engraving was definitely not mainstream at the time.

In 2000, not many people thought that Retro would become one of the strongest players in the shoe circle in the future.

I can almost see all the replica shoes at the time – AJ4, 5, 6. Of course, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations also have them – just in the closet. It can be said that before 2000, Air Jordan was the most keen on re-engraving. Otherwise, people are now thriving in the re-engraving market. It is very important to arrange in advance.

What are the qualifications for repalica?

As the most important part of the global sneaker culture in the 21st century, replica is basically a topic that cannot be avoided. So, what kind of shoes can be selected for re-enactment? What is the basis for selecting the replica target among the various brands?

Air Jordan XI is a typical example of getting more and more popular

First of all, it must be popularity, and re-engraving is also for business and to make money. Without popularity, your feelings will not fall to the ground. Nowadays, several pairs of popular sneakers are almost all replicas. The more they are, the more popular they are.

The early AJ replica card can be called an artifact of persuasion, which is also the essence of inheriting culture.

Then there is the inheritance. The most obvious example is Air Jordan. Since the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations of the replica in 1994, this legendary series has opened the re-engraving curtain. After all, it has the thickest and legendary history of the shoe circle, such as “pulling a cart”, engraving and engraving is a daily operation.

For most people, collecting a set of genuine AJ was once a small goal for everyone.

For example, around 2003, when Jordan retired again, many people around me began to make up their minds to collect a complete set of genuine AJs. At this time, everyone discovered the value of replicas, not to mention whether you can afford them in the first year. , You may not be able to find the right pair if you don’t choose the color matching or shoe size, especially the ones before the 9th generation. It’s too difficult to collect a complete set without replica.

The two pairs of unpleasant replicas became the style that everyone looked forward to in 2003 – after all, the original 7 and 8 were too hard to find at that time.

So at that time, many people were looking forward to the French blue AJ7 and the black silver AJ8. These two pairs of re-engravings immediately promoted a lot of “AJ full-generation households”. So why are the unpopular shoes re-enacted?

The football shoes that are cold in China have a good popularity in the United States, so those pairs of star models are also typical of engraved.

In fact, the unpopularity may only be compared to our views. After all, the United States is the main battlefield of major sports brands, where rugby is always king, so we can see a lot of related replica shoes locally. Because there is no such cultural precipitation in China, it is natural to see them a little unpopular.

Are signature shoes easier to reproduce?

The market price when KOBE FTB was launched also confirmed the importance of star popularity

In theory, yes. Because signature shoes have higher popularity than ordinary sneakers. Not to mention Jordan, LeBron, Kobe and other replicas signature shoes are still hard currency in today’s market. However, Nike, who is well versed in the way of replica, is not in a hurry to extract their value. A good replica rhythm is an important reason for their popularity.

Two talented high school students also embarrassed their previous signature shoes in the replica market after switching shoe brands.

However, signature shoes also have their own troubles. For those stars who have since switched to his brand, it is not an easy task to reproduce their signature shoes.

The Nike Air 3 LE is a typical cut-and-repeat signature shoe

We have seen too many signature shoes that have been re-engraved beyond recognition, such as adidas’ Kobe Bryant and Nike‘s Garnett, not only without the star logo, but also the core technology has been modified. So don’t miss those original signature shoes, after all, OG-style re-engravings are hard to come by.

Who is the engraved evergreen model?

In addition to those AJs who can’t live without re-engraving, what other replicas can be called evergreen models?

“Big Eyes” is a typical example of regional replica

Those of you who are a little older will definitely think of the Nike Air Zoom Flight Five that was once popular in Japan, which also brings up another topic – does there exist a regional replica?

The Nike Air Max 95 Has Been Popular in Asia Pacific

In addition to the American football shoes mentioned above, the popular running shoe culture in Japan and South Korea has also bred a lot of shoes that are engraved and engraved, and the Air Max 95 is a typical example.

Nike Air Max Plus is always an evergreen replica abroad

There is also a pair of running shoes, although it is rarely mentioned in China, but in Europe, America and even Australia and New Zealand, where the sneaker culture is developed, it is always a popular item on the shelves, and even in some areas, there is a unique color matching, it is Nike Air Max Plus.

What other relics are waiting to be reprinted

Guess who will be the first to re-enact the second-generation boots of Iverson and James?

When it comes to replicas, I believe most people will first think of those pairs of shoes that collect all algebra signatures but lack, such as the Reebok Answer II, which has not been re-engraved for more than 20 years, or the excellent reputation that has always been The never-returned Nike Zoom LeBron II – are the second-generation signature shoes all colliding with the re-engraving?

Although there is little hope, but I still hope that these two brands can bring us unexpected joy by taking advantage of the resurgence of basketball shoes.

Even if you can’t go back in time, it’s always good to have some memories. Friends who like it are welcome to pay attention to the public account “Sparrow Trendy Shoes”, you who love trendy shoes, play shoes happily together!


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