The first comeback in 34 years! The most legendary AJ must be it —— Air Jordan 3 OG!

Classic retro! The returning Air Jordan 3 OG “Fire Red” may be one of the most anticipated re-enactments of the year? According to the news that came out earlier, this shoe will be postponed to September 10th, and those who are interested may wish to wait patiently!

The new Air Jordan 3 OG “Fire Red” body continues the color scheme of the first year. The upper is made of a large area of white leather and decorated with red details to create an authentic atmosphere. The Jumpman Logo on the tongue is made of red stitching, and the toe and heel have AJ3’s iconic burst elements. The heel is also presented with the same Nike words as the OG shoes, and the sole is designed with a red midsole and a light gray outsole, echoing the color of the upper.

Among so many Air Jordan collections, the Air Jordan 3, which was born in 1988, is probably the most talked about in this topic. And not just because it’s from the insane designer Tinker Hatfield.Not only because of its many design and technological innovations.

This ensures the subsequent 4th and 5th generations, until the birth of the latest 37th generation flying boots this year.It can be said that without the Air Jordan 3, the current sneaker industry would be completely different.

It is also because these shoes retain Michael Jordan, who is unwilling, and makes him feel the hope of working hand in hand with Nike, and also feels that a new era of shoes that belong to him is coming.

The last time the re-engraving of this color matching appeared was in 2007 and 2013. The trapeze LOGO was used in those years. This time, it returned after 9 years, and it was presented with the old butt of the first year’s “NIKE AIR“. The color matching is a good-looking combination of white and red, and then it is matched with the iconic burst crack design.

Chicago Reissue丨Air Jordan 2 OG “Chicago”

Chicago is back together! In addition to the heavy-duty Air Jordan 1 High OG “Chicago Reimagined”, in this new year of Air Jordan 2, the equally classic Air Jordan 2 OG “Chicago” also debuted at almost the same time, tentatively scheduled for October Released on the 22nd, 1 week before the Air Jordan 1!

Yes, this year we have seen a lot of Nike’s actions on AJ2, in addition to the joint promotion of Off-White, UNION, A Ma Maniére and other brands, there are also classic themes such as Chicago. Look, it basically continues the white, black and red theme of the OG model, with a large area of white with black and red details, are you looking forward to it?

The earlier rumors are true. Following the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 2, and Air Jordan 3, Atlanta shoe store A Ma Maniere and Jordan Brand will once again join hands to launch a new project. Although the Air Jordan 4 is only a rumor, the Air Jordan 12 is confirmed!

The latest AMM x Air Jordan 12 will debut in two colorways. James Whitner, the founder of Whitaker Group, is wearing the black version, continuing his usual simple texture setting. The body is composed of black suede and purple suede. Others Please continue to pay attention to more clear objects for details, or it will be released on November 17!

A Ma Maniere x Air Jordan 12

“Junior Supreme”丨Air Jordan 5 Gore-Tex「Off Noir」

Following the Air Jordan 1, Jordan Brand will also put the Gore-Tex waterproof technology on the Air Jordan 5! It is estimated that the first color matching will be this “Off-Noir”, or it will appear in December, and the specific date is to be determined temporarily!

Does the overall setting still mean “Little Supreme”? Black leather with Gore-Tex waterproof technology runs through the upper, side mesh echoes the midsole tone, and the 3M reflective tongue is retained. Then, in addition to the words Gore-Tex, there is also the decoration of “23”. The signature red shark teeth are decorated with black ink splashes. If you are interested, please wait patiently!


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