The most complete introduction to the Nike Air Jordan series in history

Today, I will give you a full series of introductions of Air Jordan AJ1-AJ34. Friends who like Air Jordan can learn about it.

Air Jordan 1 is actually a pair of legendary sneakers under the international famous brand “Nike”. After Jordan signed a contract with Nike, Nike began to build an image for Jordan, and in 1985, it launched a sneaker named after him, so it was called the “Jordan generation“. First Release Year: April 1985 Air Jordan 2, released in 1986, designed by Air Force 1 designer Bruce Kilgore and produced in Italy. The Air Jordan 2 shoe body removed Nike’s iconic Swoosh, striving to dilute Nike’s brand image.

The design of Air Jordan 3 can be said to retain Jordan’s heart, making the Jordan series continue, and AJ3 also appeared on the shoes for the first time with the Jumpman logo, and also added a window air cushion.

Air Jordan 4 was born in 1988. AJ4 is the fourth pair of basketball shoes in the Nike Jordan series. The classic level of AJ4 is comparable to that of AJ1, surpassing his two older brothers, AJ2 and AJ3, which are very classic in the Air Jordan series. AJ4 Sneakers he has soul.

Air Jordan 5 is designed by the famous Jordan shoe designer TINKER HATFIELD. The designer has designed the aj3 generation with cracks and window air cushions before. The aj5, which was born in 1990, is another generation of Air Jordan’s classic sneakers. The typical The features are the flame graffiti of the American Mustang fighter, the huge 3M reflective tongue, the large-area breathable mesh on the side of the shoe and the transparent rubber outsole. . .

The Air Jordan 6 is the sixth authentic basketball shoe in the Nike Jordan series, and it is also the basketball shoe Jordan wore when he won the NBA championship for the first time. Design inspiration comes from sports car spoiler + mask tongue.

One of the major features of Air Jordan 7 is the irregular geometric contrasting design of the tongue, heel and sole. According to Tinker Hatfield himself, the inspiration comes from the Afropop poster I accidentally saw. The African cultural patterns shown in the picture deeply infected the Jordan sneaker designer, and then presented it to us in its original flavor.

The Air Jordan 8 is based on the Huarache concept, but the towering and thick upper, with the design of cross straps and Velcro, can be described as the ultimate in wrapping the feet and ankle joints.

Although the Air Jordan 9′s upper looks unobtrusive, the sole design is unique! Multi-national characters are used to express the love for basketball. The Japanese “world sports” is followed by the earth logo, echoing the design theme of a diverse world, which also attracts attention.

The Air Jordan 10, the 2015 Chicago colorway with #45 embroidered on the body, commemorates that historic moment as part of the “Remastered” collection. The design inspiration comes from the glorious retrospect, and various honorary experiences are engraved on the sole.

The Air Jordan 11 is once again at the forefront of the times. It is the first to use patent leather material to create the toe cap and surrounding area, which not only brings tough shoe body strength, but also presents a gorgeous and avant-garde visual impact. The design inspiration drawn from Denver International Airport is transformed into a lightweight and breathable nylon upper, supplemented by a high-strength torsion-resistant carbon plate, and finally finished with a crystal clear outsole, showing a magnificent beauty no matter what angle.

Air Jordan 12 elevates midsole cushioning to an unprecedented level. Inspired by women’s high heels, it presents a unique contrasting color design, supplemented by delicate and tough double leather, with a strong visual recognition.

Air Jordan 13, with its perfect bionic concept, has created the most quasi-object cheetah boots in the AJ generation. The rounded shoe body decorated with leopard print, supplemented by the hidden shoelace design, presents an unprecedented integrity. The partitioned outsole imitating the toes of the black panther and the holographic leopard eyes on the upper are embellished with a murderous look.

The Air Jordan 14 is inspired by the Ferrari 550M. With its streamlined and dynamic shape, the upper shield-shaped Jumpman Logo, and the sports car-like air holes and midsole muscle lines, all let us fall for it.

The design of the Air Jordan 15 was inspired by Jordan himself and the characteristics of the X-15 fighter jet. As Jordan’s post-retirement shoes, the significance of commemoration cannot be ignored.

Air Jordan 16 is a pair of shoes that you can match even with a suit and tie. It uses Zoom Air in the forefoot and Blow-molded air cushion in the back, commonly known as “blow-molded air cushion” at that time.

Air Jordan 17 was released in February 2002. This is the second AJ series sneaker designed by Wilson Smith as AJ designer after designer tinker Hatfield withdrew from the AJ series design. The design concept of this pair of sneakers is derived from jazz and luxury sports car Aston Martin. There are four rows of shoelace holes (two rows on one side) on the upper of the leather material, and some music symbols are depicted on both sides of the shoelace holes.

Air Jordan 18 was released in February 2003. When I saw this sneaker, I was really shocked by the aura emanating from this pair of sneakers. The ultimate luxury and ultimate simplicity appeared on this pair of sneakers at the same time: the whole piece of small The sheepskin material wraps the shoe body, and the shoelace system is also hidden on the same leather fabric. There is no splicing of other materials, and there is no extra color blending. A strong magnet on the top of the tongue tightly adsorbs the upper, making the overall look more integrated change.

Air Jordan 19 not only lacks Jordan’s fighting spirit, but also Tinker Harfield’s design. Inheriting the luxurious configuration of Air Jordan 18, it is still regarded as the top flagship in basketball shoes. The full-length Zoom air cushion and the independent Zoom unit of the heel create a unique double-layer cushioning system, and add a large area of carbon plate support for the whole. Flexibility, cushioning provides the perfect solution.

Air Jordan 20, Jordan’s glorious years, are engraved on this pair of shoes. The design inspiration of the sneakers came from the motorcycle team that Jordan invested in at that time. The shoe body uses two Velcro and a full-length inner boot design.

Air Jordan 21, the most surprising Easter egg design in Air Jordan. The first air cushion replacement concept, and has a hidden inner ankle, the design is inspired by the Bentley Continental GT.

The Air Jordan 22 features an improved I.P.S cushioning system. Compared with aj21, the air bag with more forefoot is more obvious for cushioning. The rear palm is still replaceable zoom air cushion and sole air cushion. The position of the rear palm air cushion is slightly behind, which is different from ordinary sneakers, and gives people an urge to break through.

Air Jordan 23 with full-length zoom air upper: 3-dimensional upper is sewn by a new patent-pending stitch sewing machine. After two tires are pressed on the shoe last, the shape of the shoe upper is completely consistent with the shape of the shoe last. The handcrafted Michael Jordan stitching pattern accentuates fine detail and functionality.

Air Jordan 2009 (24) is calculated from the year after the 23rd generation, so AJ2009 is also known as AJ24. The design of the new AIR JORDAN 2009 basketball shoes is inspired by Michael Jordan’s unstoppable determination. The split heel design keeps at least half of the heel in contact with the ground at all times, ensuring an exceptionally responsive shoe. The perfect design of the AIR JORDAN 2009 shoe complements its performance and overall engineering.

Air Jordan 2010 (25) is a sneaker full of details, the most eye-catching is the circular “windows” on both sides of the shoe body. This design can better explain the ability of the Bull No. 23 to “see through the opponent’s every move”. . The upper with the inner high and the outer low sole, this asymmetrical design can play a good effect in both flexibility and protection at the same time.

Air Jordan 2011 (26) replaceable midsole, one is the full-length air sole, which is mainly aimed at explosive players, and the other is the zoom air with front and rear split palms, which can provide quick responses for speed guards. There are carbon plates in the midsole.

Air Jordan 2012 (27) Nike’s Jordan brand officially released the 27th sneaker of the AIR JORDAN series AIRJORDAN 2012. The design concept of AIR JORDAN 2012 will evoke a new understanding of shoe performance for contemporary athletes. On the basis of the original AIR JORDAN2011, this basketball shoe upgrades two pairs of interchangeable midsoles to three pairs and adds two pairs of interchangeable inner boots, giving athletes the performance advantage of customizing their shoes freely.

The AIR JORDAN 28 is equipped with a new “Jordan Flight Plate” midsole technology to more efficiently release the energy of the Nike Zoom air cushion and designed by famous designers Tinker Hatfield and Josh Heard. The Air Jordan 28 is also the first pair of AJ shoes that really uses the “Dynamic Fit System”.

The AIR JORDAN 29 AJ generation has transformed from sentimentality to a practical benchmark, and the AJ29 generation is the benchmark among benchmarks. Its previous generation left regrets due to the bulging problem. The AJ29, which started again a year later, is the actual peak of the AJ generation. The AJ29 launched in 2014, the forefoot Zoom is equipped with the rear palm Phylon cushioning configuration, which seems to be reduced compared with the previous generation, but the actual feedback is no less than the front and rear Zoom of the previous generation.

AIR JORDAN 30 adds random patterns to the basic wave pattern, which enhances a lot of grip. The upper is hard, and there is a plastic sheet at the toe to strengthen the treatment to protect the toes.

AIR JORDAN 31 brings back the classic red and black color scheme. “I think this shoe represents a spirit of challenge,” said Jordan Brand’s senior designer. “Look at that poster of Michael Jordan dunking in the air with a gold necklace. He’s flying in an AJ1, as if defying gravity.”

In the configuration of AIR JORDAN 32, the difference between “front and rear ZOOM+Flightspeed” lies in the shape of the rear palm. The AJ32 is shaped like the horseshoe-shaped Zoom air cushion of the rear palm of ZK5. The overall Phylon material of the AJ32 midsole is in a hard state and has good toughness.

The design of the forefoot outsole of AIR JORDAN 33 is to highlight the outline of the air cushion, so that when the forefoot touches the ground, the air cushion first contacts the ground first, and then the overall midsole. The suppressed air cushion has a new vitality, and the air cushion feedback will be more intuitive, but it is not a Q bomb, but more of the kind of elastic feeling with toughness.

The AIR JORDAN 34, Nike’s first attempt at 3D printing, has a seamless, fluid look and a very comfortable body flow. Combined with the unique color matching of this shoe, this pair of shoes has a full sense of technology and the future. The vaguely neon feeling and tight grid on the upper give people a cyberpunk feeling.

The AIR JORDAN 35, Appearance features: hollow midsole + “corona” design of the tray; tribute to AJ5 shoe shape.

Technology introduction: Eclipse Plate 2.0 technology, the hollow design across the midsole, further enhances the height of the midsole compared to the previous version, and the hollow area is larger. The upper uses the new Flightwire technology, which is inspired by the design of the cable-stayed bridge. It follows its technological concept in appearance and function to enhance the wrapping of the shoe body and the support of the upper.

The AIR JORDAN 36, Features: “The lightest AJ generation in history”; tribute to the AJ6 shoe type.

Technology introduction: Leno-weave vamp technology, taking into account the maximum embodiment of light weight and strength, the unique weaving method brings super breathability. In terms of cushioning, the Air Jordan 36 uses a full-length Zoom Air Strobel with a forefoot Zoom Air air cushion unit. The midsole tray technology reduces the height of the midsole hollow, lowers the center of gravity, and increases the feeling of being on the ground.

It has been more than 30 years since the Air Jordan 1 red and black color matching shoes were first launched. Each pair of Air Jordan has a unique story, diversified appearance and the blessing of classic color matching for all AJ fans to relish road. The love is endless, the classic is endless! Salute to the great 23rd! Thank you Air Jordan for accompanying us for so many years of youth!


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