The legendary “Yeezy” series, or become history early

01 Adidas Announces ‘Review’ of YEEZY Collection

Recently, Adidas announced that they will conduct a “review” of the YEEZY line and its partnership with KanYe West, saying that “all successful partnerships are rooted in mutual respect and shared values”, “after repeated efforts to resolve the issue privately. After the problem, we decided to re-examine the partnership.” In June, KanYe publicly criticized Adidas, accusing the company of stealing his designs to reproduce production products “without his approval.” In September, Ye said Adidas made a $1 billion takeover offer to him and mentioned in an interview with Bloomberg that he would be leaving Adidas when his current contract with Adidas, which expires in 2026, expires.

Maxluxes’s point of view: Judging from the current information, the brand may terminate the cooperation with Ye in advance, and the legendary YEEZY series may once again become history.

02 ASICS and THE SOLOIST launch joint Chelsea boots

Recently, Japanese sports brand ASICS and Japanese independent designer Takahiro Miyashita’s brand The Soloist launched a joint Chelsea boot. The GEL-QUANTUM 360™ incorporates its signature running shoe sole into a dress shoe silhouette. The upper body of the boot model mimics the classic Chelsea boot style, with smooth black leather used for the toe, waist and heel, all with heel pull tabs. The sole borrows the sole form of ASICS GEL-QUANTUM 360. There is an exposed black GEL air cushion on the midsole. The whole boot is presented in pure black, which is concise and full.

FN Opinion: Will sporty dress shoes be the future? At least in terms of comfort, there is a good trend.

03 DR.MARTENS launched with rock band THE CLASH Joint Martin Boots Series

Recently, the British shoe brand Dr.Martens, known for its Martin boots, and the legendary rock band The Clash have jointly launched a series of punk rock-style joint Martin boots. The collection revamps the brand’s two main styles. The first is the 1460 boot, a classic lace-up style with a round toe and a laminated yellow rubber sole. The second comes in smooth Arcadia leather lined in olive green tones to give it a smoother finish. At the same time, the series also includes Dr.Martens’ 1461 lace-up Oxford shoes.

Maxluxes‘s point of view: Returning to the essence of the brand has become the strategic deployment of many shoe brands, and the punk rock culture is undoubtedly the core of Dr.Martens.

04 ADIDAS presents SAMBA sneakers with Mexican football theme

Adidas will host a draw for six one-of-a-kind sambas designed by the Mexican Football Federation. As the official supplier to the world’s most important football event, adidas has decided to draw six custom designs featuring materials and graphics related to the Mexican Football Federation to commemorate the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Each design features elements of classic Mexican jerseys from five different eras.

Maxluxes‘s point of view: Adidas with strong football genes may improve the brand’s fashion influence by strengthening the discourse power of football elements in the current Z generation environment.

05 STUART WEITZMAN announced KIM KARDASHIAN becomes brand global ambassador

On the occasion of presenting the brand’s new image, Stuart Weitzman (hereinafter referred to as SW) announced that Kim Kardashian has become the brand’s global ambassador for the 2022 autumn and winter series of brand advertising. Giorgio Sarné, Global CEO and President of SW, said: “SW will continue to be a benchmark in the global luxury footwear field, create brand popularity and win wider market attention and share, and explore a new world built by SW.” Accompanying the brand SW has also brought a new brand advertisement – “Stand Strong”, which supports and encourages women to move forward bravely and realize their self-worth pursuit.

Maxluxes‘s point of view: From a topical celebrity to a fashion leader, Kardashian’s transformation along the way may bring the same inspiration to the image upgrade of the shoe brand.

06 NEW BALANCE helps Jia Orenjia finish the London Marathon

On the afternoon of October 2nd, Beijing time, New Balance helped the 2022 TCS London Marathon to start running. As the official shoe and apparel sponsor of the event, New Balance supports runners’ dreams with innovative products and accompanies nearly 40,000 runners to pursue their goals bravely. This time, New Balance signed athlete and New Balance running spokesperson Jia Erenga is also among the elite players, competing with the world’s top marathon runners, taking a solid step in the runner’s dream journey. In this London Marathon, Jiaorenga finished the race at 02:25:17, completing the second leg of his six global Grand Slam events.

Maxluxes’s point of view: New Balance is increasingly devoting its energy to the field of professional running, which reflects that this field is becoming a new force in China’s current sports market.

07 VEJA and MARNI launch sustainable sneaker collection

Veja and Marni have teamed up again for a sneaker collaboration. There are three styles in the collection, each hand-sewn and polished in Brazil, and the upper is covered in colorful graffiti, creating an asymmetrical mix-and-match effect that highlights the uniqueness of the original design. The sneaker’s upper is tanned in a Brazilian tannery certified to the Leather Working Group’s Gold level, while the sole is made from recycled rubber, recycled rice and virgin rubber from the Amazon rainforest.

Maxluxes‘s point of view: Sustainable footwear with more aesthetic breakthroughs is helping to change the stereotype that sustainable fashion is slightly lacking in appearance.

08 GOLDEN GOOSE acquires Italian sneaker maker

Last week, Golden Goose, better known for sneakers such as Superstar, said it would buy its main supplier, IFT. Financial details of the transaction, which were not disclosed, are expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year. Founded in 2007, IFT specializes in the design, production and sale of high-end footwear for well-known Italian luxury brands. In 2021, more than 700,000 pairs of sneakers will be produced by the team of more than 250 employees. After the acquisition, IFT founder and CEO Michele Zonno will continue to lead IFT, maintaining the company’s strong relationship with the Casarano community near Lecce in the Apulia region, one of the country’s sports shoe production hubs.

Maxluxes‘s point of view: By controlling upstream suppliers, it can help shoe brands to achieve a more free and creative and extensible product development and production process control capability.


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