The difference between Yeezy 350, 380, 500 and 700, which one of the four pairs of shoes is better?

Kanye’s yeezy series of shoes currently has four shoe types, including 350, 380, 500, and 700. Each generation of shoes has its own characteristics. Which of the four pairs of shoes has the best foot feel? Which is the most worthwhile to start with? Let’s take a look at it with Maxluxes.

The difference between Yeezy 350 and 380, 500 and 700, which one of the four pairs of shoes is better?

Foot feel: 380>350>700>500

Significant leg length: 350/500/700>380

Versatile degree: 700/350/500>380

Yeezy 380, equipped with boost, has a first-class foot feel (more than 350). The design of socks and shoes fits the foot very well, but the shortcomings are also very obvious.

Yeezy 350, the evergreen model in yeezy, is still designed with boost, and the foot feel is very good. Besides the shoe type, the larger the shoe, the thinner the legs will appear, and the design at the ankle makes the calf very slender.

Yeezy 500 is also a popular model in yeezy. It is not equipped with boost, but the foot feel is not bad. The design of the old shoes makes a lot of Jimei favor it. It is very versatile.

Yeezy 700, the 700v2 introduced here, 700 v3 has not yet started, so I will not explain it for the time being. 700 is the first pair of yeezy I bought. Compared with 500 and 350, it is the most small shoe. I personally think it is also the most suitable pair of shoes for girls. Delicate, the design with boost makes the whole foot feel not bad.

How to choose Yeezy 350 and 380, 500, 700 sizes

Because of the shoe type, yeezy often needs to be half a size up to one size larger to present the most comfortable foot feel. I usually buy shoes in size 38 (nike adi, etc.), men’s size is generally 5, my feet are relatively thin, and the instep is relatively high, 700/350/500 I buy us6 size, 380 me Bought a size 6 as per the old example. But after trying it on, I think a size 5.5 is fine.

yeezy 380 is a new series of yeezy series shoes. Although it was not recognized by many people when it was just released, but with the release of many good-looking color matching, more and more people are wearing fashionable shoes. I started to pay attention to this pair of shoes, but no matter how good the shoes are, they will have their own shortcomings. This pair of 380 is no exception. Let’s take a look.

What are the disadvantages of Yeezy 380

At present, this pair of Yeezy 380 is also very versatile on the feet, and the foot feels super comfortable, that is, it is a bit higher than the knitted part of the 350 ankle, and wearing low-top socks will a little grind your feet, this is what everyone needs to pay attention to. The ring-shaped design makes the whole leg shape look unsightly. In short, the 380 series and the 350V2 series still have a certain degree of similarity, but the 380 looks more sleek when matched.

Yeezy 380 Color Collection

Maxluxes recommends several good-looking and popular shoes for everyone:

The yeezy 380 Black Warrior uses classic black and dark purple as the main tone, showing a different Black Warrior temperament.

yeezy380 pepper powder, the upper is dressed in nude powder, ice blue and light khaki, with a brown side transparent design, which continues the earth color style and has a fresh temperament.

yeezy 380 amber is based on Kanye’s favorite earth color, dark brown tones with black mottled patterns, quite a bit of amber color style.

The difference between Yeezy 380 and 350

First, the 380 improves the 350’s lack of heel, although the effect is still not so satisfactory.

Second, in terms of foot feel, 380 is more elastic, and 350 is softer. Although 380 reduces the use of boost, I have heard that the special design makes the foot feel better, and it is no longer blindly soft.

Third, in terms of ventilation, the two pairs of shoes are similar.

Fourth, the effect of increasing the height of the sole 380 is better than that of 350. The sole of 380 will not turn yellow, but the sole of 350 will do.

350 ice cream is the worst shoe I wear. Although it is comfortable, it is too easy to get dirty. The dust in the air will stay on the invisible logo on the upper, not to mention being stepped on. The 380 is more resistant to dirt. The reason why it is said to be fat is Because of the padding in the heel, it is more obvious.

Of course, the most important thing is personal preference, so which one would you choose?

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