The difference between Nike Zoom Air and Nike Zoom

The difference between Zoom Air and Zoom is: Zoom Air is thicker and Zoom is thinner, which makes Zoom Air better in terms of cushioning, but also increases the thickness of the midsole in disguise. Zoom, on the other hand, improves the feedback while taking into account the cushioning. The zoom air is small, light, and has excellent foot reflexes and average cushioning performance. The zoom air is generally placed on the forefoot part of the sneakers. The zoom air has excellent cushioning, 30% more than the traditional air cushion, but it is bulky. Generally, the window opening technology is used. However, due to the large size, the zoom air has a poor response. They are all placed on the back of the shoe.

The biggest difference of nike Zoom running shoes is its multiple functions and lighter weight, so its sole adopts Flywire technology, which makes it feel good on the foot; the sole design of waffle bumps greatly improves the grip of the sole , so that you can run without any worries. Another running shoe from the Nike Zoom is the Air zoom Pegasus 32, a lightweight sneaker designed for everyday repetitive movements. The features and characteristics of this Nike Zoom running shoe are: Zoom air cushioning, which slows down the speed of vibrations; Ripple last for a more natural stride.

Air zoom is an ultra-thin, ultra-light air cushion technology developed by NIKE, which is used in the production of various basketball, running shoes and sports shoes. Compared with MAXAIR and AIR-SOLE, this air cushion looks firmer, but it has better elasticity and allows the wearer to have a better response. There are also shoes with a ZOOM AIR, then a MAX AIR, etc. These shoes have two different advantages.

The structure of zoom air is a flat air cushion, with a nylon strip in the middle, and its upper and lower ends have a flat surface, which can be fixed on the upper and lower inner walls by hot pressing. Since the volume of the gas is isotropically expanded, it A ball will be formed and the nylon fibers will be stretched so tightly that it will stay at such a thin thickness (8mm), if not it will definitely curl up.


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