The difference between high imitation and low imitation Mongolian down jacket

In the field of down jackets, it is estimated that only Moncler can stand up to the big goose. However, there are many popular people, Moncler has high popularity, many fans, and more fakes. How much? Oh cabbage, Maxluxes can find it in a random search on a treasure, and Moncler seems to have a discount again. The store that ranks at the top of the sales list has a discount of nearly 30% and sells 160 pieces per month. How can the counter survive? ! So, what about the authenticity of Moncler down jackets? Oh cabbage, the editor has sorted out the tricks for everyone, so that you can have sharp eyes and distinguish the authenticity at a glance!

Step 1: Look at the price

As the leader of the down jacket industry, Moncler has its own flavor of dollor. The price of its down jackets is generally more than $700. If you see Moncler with a price of more than $300 or more than $400~ I advise you to take a look. That’s good, this is not an original genuine product, nor is it a tear-off sale of the final product, and it is impossible for a purchasing agent to pay for you, me, and him. There is only one truth, and there is no doubt that it is fake.

Of course, if you just want to buy an imitation version and take some psychological comfort, then don’t tell me.

But this does not mean that the price is high and it must be true. For those whose prices are very real, it must be real.

Step 2: Look at the Logo Embroidery

Moncler‘s logo embroidery is composed of a Gallic rooster and the word “Moncler”. The stitches of the authentic logo embroidery are very fine and three-dimensional. Many fake ones are flat. If you can’t see it, you can feel it with your hand.

Furthermore, the letter “M” embroidered on the authentic Moncler logo is one high and one low on both sides, the upper and lower ends of the letter “C” are oblique, and the horizontal bar of the letter “E” is the longest at the bottom and the shortest in the middle.

More simply, you can look at the two sharp corners at the top of the Gallic rooster embroidery. The stitches of the genuine Moncler are clear and will not stick, and the edges of the sharp corners at the top are straight and sharp, while the imitations are more distorted and blurred.

After learning this trick, is it much easier to distinguish? In fact, 90% of fakes will have problems here!

There are also rumors on some websites that the position of the logo embroidery is used to judge the true and false. What the editor wants to say is that the logo embroidery of Moncler does not have a uniform and fixed position. If you want to compare, you can check the Moncler official website. , and judge by the logo embroidery of the style you want to buy.

Step 3: Look at the Labels

Moncler’s big logo “forever” is at the top and middle of the down jacket (except for the double-sided model and the K2 model), and some fakes are not so meticulously done. The down jacket of the K2 model is marked in the lower right corner of the interior.

And in the big label of Moncler, there is always only Moncler. If you see other content below Moncler, such as model, size, or other words, there is no doubt that it must be fake!

Moreover, the genuine Moncler’s logo is finely sewn, with no flaws on the outside, and it feels thicker to the touch; while the imitation product has rough workmanship, feels thinner, and has a certain color difference in color.

Some Moncler down jackets have a small strap just above the big logo, which is used to hang clothes. This small strap is made of leather or cotton and chemical fiber mixed materials, and the color is red and blue. If you see other colors, or the wrong material, it’s fake too!

Step 4: Look at the washing label

Some fake Monclers have plastic triangle signs, Moncler brochures, and spare buttons, etc., but this does not mean that they are real, and they have to look at their wash labels. Moncler’s wash label is on the left seam on the inside, and it’s a fake if it appears anywhere else.

There are also some Moncler down jackets with a cartoon picture of a cartoon duck inside. The content is mainly to teach you how to maintain Moncler down jackets, but not all Monclers have this cartoon picture! If there is, it must be on the inside under the left hand side. If it appears elsewhere, fake!

Step 5: Look at the metal parts and zippers

All metal parts of Moncler, including buttons, zippers (except hidden zippers), elastic straps and other metal parts, are embossed with the word “Moncler” or printed with the Moncler Logo. Only in the very early days, on the clothes of Moncler produced in 1999 and a small amount in 2000, were there no embossed logos on metal parts, zippers, etc. So if you buy a piece of clothing with nothing but a bare piece of hardware, it turns out you know~


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