The difference between AJ34gs and AJ34 Does AJ34 GS have air cushion?

The air Jordan series of shoes has been released to the 34th generation. Each generation of shoes is very popular, and there are also gs version and big children’s version. So do you know the difference between these shoes? For example, which one is better to buy between the latest AJ34gs and AJ34? What’s the difference in actual combat?

The difference between AJ34GS and AJ34

In terms of price: AJ34gs and AJ34 have a price difference of 500 yuan due to the difference in configuration. At this price, it can be said to be very good for most boys who don’t like actual combat, and it is very popular with boys with small sizes.

Different configurations: AJ34 is the configuration of the forefoot zoom and the rear palm hexagonal zoom, while the AJ34gs is only the setting of the forefoot zoom, there is still a certain difference in the foot feel.

In other words, it depends on whether you mind boys wearing women’s styles, the price is right, the size is right, the editor thinks it’s good.

Does the AJ34 GS have an air cushion?

There is an air cushion, but the AJ34 GS only has a Zoom air cushion in the forefoot. Although the rear palm has less air cushion than the men’s model, it still has a certain amount of cushioning. It is still enough for girls. Although aj34 is reduced compared to aj34, because the air cushion of the forefoot is retained, it is still good compared to other generations of shoes. For girls, you can recommend white laser Color matching, the upper foot is still very handsome.

How to wear AJ34 girls

AJ34 is definitely suitable for girls to wear. Personally, I think freezing point blue looks better. Fully breathable cut-piece design… It is really rare on the market, those who know the goods must enter, all use environmentally friendly glue, there is no meaningful odor! ! ! There is a zoom air cushion on the forefoot and there are translucent cicada wings on the edge… The glue design… The whole foot feels perfect and explosive, but it is good for daily wear. Personally, I recommend not to wear AJ34 for running, because it is a basketball shoe, not a professional running shoe , may lead to various injuries.

Does the AJ11 Demon King have air cushions? There are several versions of the AJ11 Demon King

Recently, the re-enactment of the AJ11 Demon King 2.0 has attracted the attention of many shoe fans. As the original AJ series, AJ11 can be said to be Jordan’s favorite shoe, so Nike has also re-enacted it many times. So how many times has the AJ11 big devil re-engraved? How many versions are there? Let the editor lead you to see it together!

Does the AJ11 Demon King have an air cushion?

The AJ11 Big Devil has an air cushion, which is a rear palm air cushion, but the AJ11 rear palm air cushion is a sole, not a zoom, so it will squeak after wearing it for a long time, so the foot feels relatively hard. However, the inner lining of this shoe is extremely comfortable, coupled with the excellent upper support and high binding, it wraps the foot tightly, and it is quite warm to wear in winter.

There are several versions of the AJ11 Demon King

The first AJ11 Demon King was born in 1996, and then this color matching was re-engraved in 2009 and 2016. The AJ11 Demon King 2.0 was re-engraved and returned in December 2020 this year, so the AJ11 Demon King currently has a total of Engraved 4 times, mainly 4 versions. Previously, the re-enactment of AJ11 Kang buckle and black and red has attracted the attention of many shoe fans. Presumably this color matching is also highly anticipated!

AJ11 The Story of the Great Demon King

The story about the AJ11 Demon King is also very meaningful this year. This color scheme is definitely very classic! At that time, Jordan wore AJ11 to perform a shocking dunk in the 3D animated film “SPACE JAM” (air slam dunk), and also achieved remarkable results in the game. On March 19, 1995, Jordan, wearing the No. 45 jersey, made a comeback.

However, in the Eastern Conference finals, facing the Orlando Magic led by “Shark” O’Neal and “Penny” Hardway, the former is one of the greatest centers in the world, and the latter is recognized as “Jordan’s successor”. On the new generation of signature shoes AJ11 Concord, the Bulls still lost to their opponents with a total score of 2:4 and were eliminated. The following 1995-1996 season was the story of Jordan and AJ11 sweeping the world, giving doubters a resounding slap. AJ11 witnessed many of Jordan’s great moments. Witness Jordan dragging his body with a severe cold and scoring 63 points on the Celtics! Jordan, who won the championship again on Father’s Day, burst into tears in AJ11 black and red color matching. The story behind AJ11 is touching and made a great history!


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