The difference between Air Jordan and Air Force One

The differences between Air Jordan and Air Force One are: different positioning, different history, different color matching, different texture, different air cushion, different price, different experience, different sneaker culture, different reputation, and different shoelaces.

Different positioning: Air Force One is positioned on casual sneakers, while Air Jordan is positioned on basketball shoes.

Different histories: Air Force One was originally designed as Air Jordan1, and Air Jordan was derived from AF1.

Different color matching: Air Force One mostly uses the classic white color matching, while Air Jordan likes to use 3-color and 4-color stripe design, so the color matching styles are more diverse.

Different texture: From the perspective of the texture of the shoes, even the same shoe size, Air Force One looks bigger and thicker, especially the high-top shoes of the Air Force One, which have a sense of wrapping, like wearing boots The same, and Air Jordan will be relatively light and thin.

The air cushions are different: Air Force One uses a single air cushion design, while the Air Jordan uses a dual air cushion design.

Different prices: Air Force One’s price is lower compared to Air Jordan’s. Experience the difference: Air Force One shoes bring support and durability to the foot, Air Jordan‘s shoes are excellent for durability, comfort and movement.

The sneaker culture is different: the first pair of shoes of the Air Force was born in 1982, representing the American basketball culture and the first symbolic series of Nike shoe culture. Air Jordan is the shoe named after the basketball god Jordan charm.

Different fame: Air Force One became famous earlier, while Air Jordan became famous later. In general, Air Force One is slightly more famous than Air Jordan.

The shoelaces are different: Air Force One‘s shoelaces are designed with straps, while Air Jordan‘s shoelaces have no straps. Under normal circumstances, Air Jordan’s shoelaces are better than Air Force One‘s shoelaces.


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