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Michael Jordan was drafted by the Bulls during his rookie season in 1984. Many people are puzzled and puzzled by this. Indeed, at that time this thin young man was not favored by everyone. But Jordan, after that, proved his strength with facts. With an average of 28.2 points in his rookie season and a dazzling third-place finish in the league, Jordan won the title of Rookie of the Year. Tell people with strength that the NBA has ushered in another legendary superstar.

After watching Jordan’s game, Nike’s scout Vaccaro discovered Jordan’s talent, so he overcame all arguments and persuaded Nike to put all the money on Jordan. But Jordan at that time ignored Nike’s sympathy. He’s an Adidas fan, and after trying on all of Nike’s sneakers, he’s still not satisfied. So Jordan went to Adidas with the same contract, and the result was really perfunctory from the boss. They thought that Jordan was not worth the money at all, so they rejected such a future superstar. In the end, Nike moved Jordan with sincerity.

Next came the design of Jordan’s first-generation signature shoes. Peter Moore took inspiration from the flying medal worn by a young boy on the plane, and used toilet paper to draw the classic first-generation Jordan logo: the flying wing. At the same time, I drew inspiration from Nike’s basketball shoes Air Ship and Air Force1 at the time to complete this pair of eye-catching sneakers. The midsole of the forefoot is canceled, bringing the ultimate sense of touch to the ground, and the rear palm is equipped with Air Sole air cushion. At the same time, the bold combination of black, red and white has injected new vitality into the NBA, which was flourishing with white and light-colored sneakers at that time. (It is worth mentioning here that the sneakers that Michael Jordan air jordan was banned by the NBA at that time were not the “banned” color matching of Air Jordan 1. They were the Air Ship at that time. Later, Nike launched the air jordan 1 black and red color matching of Air Jordan 1. This pays homage to Air ship, so it is named forbidden to wear).

Nike’s upcoming Air ship and Air Jordan 1

When Jordan himself wore these shoes to the court, his teammates didn’t like them very much. “This is the most fancy shoe I’ve ever seen” “It’s like a clown’s shoe” was the mainstream comment at the time. The public is skeptical about this pair of shoes. After all, this pair of fancy-colored shoes represents rebelliousness, which is the opposite of the mainstream at the time. But Jordan used his actions to break everyone’s concerns. Whether it was the freehand dunk in the glide at the Italian Challenge, or the unparalleled Nike advertisement at the time, it represented the great success of this pair of sneakers.

In the blink of an eye, 35 years have passed. Times are changing, and so are sneakers with more powerful technology. However, Air Jordan 1red and black still does not look outdated, there are still passers-by wearing it on the street, and new color schemes are constantly being launched. The joint name with air jordan Off-White has made it on the top of the trend. Even today, 35 years later, it still radiates its own unique light.

If you want to ask me why, this pair of Air Jordan 1 red and black will always be engraved on the historical pillar of basketball, but it will not look outdated today.

I think this is love.


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