The classic and versatile “Alexander McQueen white shoes”, how to tie the shoelaces to look good, several ways to tie them are simple and fashionable

Small white shoes have long been the most versatile item throughout the year. And Alexander McQueen white shoes have also become a popular brand. Although the white shoes look so similar, this is also the most classic place. The more classic the style, the easier it is to match a variety of clothes and play with fashionable looks more easily.

However, if you want to wear Alexander McQueen white shoes more beautifully, the way of tying the shoelaces is equally important. Let me share with you several ways to tie the shoelaces of Alexander McQueen white shoes, which are simple and fashionable.

01. Alexander McQueen classic system

The most common one-line system is also Alexander McQueen’s classic system, which is more simple and low-key. Like this Alexander McQueen classic method, it is relatively simple. We only need to shuttle one shoelace in a straight line, and the other shoelace in a straight line, so that the shoelace tied is the most classic Alexander McQueen method, and the end is tied in a conventional way. Okay, isn’t the classic way of tying Alexander McQueen white shoes very simple?

02. Circle system

A more stylish and fashionable way of tying shoelaces, it looks like a circle is drawn on the upper, which is particularly playful and cute. Although the circle system looks a little complicated, it is actually very easy to learn by following the steps. The first is to balance the soles and wear symmetrical diagonal holes, and then wear them down in turn. To the position of the toe, and then cross each other to wear, and finally tie a beautiful bow in the middle, so that the shoelaces are fastened. Alexander McQueen white shoes, tied in such a circle, will be more playful and cute.

03. No shoelace tying method

The laceless tying method has some similarities with the classic tying method. The difference is that the shoelaces are completely tucked into the Alexander McQueen shoes at the end, which is visually more refreshing and concise. In fact, this method of tying without shoelaces is not difficult. First, balance the shoelaces at the top through the slanted holes, and then cross them through the toe position, and finally this sloping shoelace tying method. We just need to tuck the last remaining laces into the inside of the shoe, and this laceless method is done, isn’t it difficult?

04. Toe tie method

The toe tie method is a reverse tie method, which is relatively more fashionable, but it also has certain shortcomings, that is, it is easy to make the feet look wider. The toe tying method is also relatively simple. First wrap the shoelace from the tongue of the Alexander McQueen shoe, then wear the shoelace downward in turn, and finally tie a knot at the position of the toe.

05. Conventional system method

The conventional shoelace tying method is the most common and common method. The advantage is that it is simpler and more natural, and everyone can easily operate it. The disadvantage is that it lacks personality and is relatively boring. This way of tying will not be repeated too much. Wear shoelaces in a balanced way, and in this way of cross-lacing, and finally tie a knot to complete it, which is particularly simple and natural.

06. Double wear method

A more individual Alexander McQueen white shoe tying method is relatively complicated to operate. The first is to punch the balance tape in the second hole, and then reverse the first hole. The first hole is reversed to the fourth hole, and the opposite side can be made in the same order, and finally tie a beautiful bow. Although it looks complicated, it is relatively simple to master the rules.

Well, the above is the fashion information that Maxluxes will share with you today. Have you learned how to tie these Alexander McQueen shoes?


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