The 12 most collectible Air Jordan sneaker collections

Since its debut in 1984, Michael Jordan’s basketball shoes have become the most recognizable high-tops in sneaker history. With 36 unique silhouettes in different colors to collect, there’s no better time to find your ultimate pair.

The reason is simple: the sneaker world wouldn’t be where it is today without Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan collection. Back in the mid-’80s, his Airness signed him to a lifetime contract, and since then we’ve all been fascinated by Nike-produced basketball silhouettes adorned with jumpmans, which are the pair. Spawned by Legendary Partners.

Here are the starting heights, the Jordan 1; the streetwear-focused Air Jordan 4; the Air Jordan 13 if you know the model you know; the Air Jordan 36 for the most advanced newbie; and 32 more options. Before we get into them, let’s provide some insight into the beginnings of the sneaker collection.

How did the Air Jordan collections come about?

1984 was a big year for Michael Jordan — over a 12-month period, Jordan, 21, joined the Chicago Bulls at No. 23 and signed an unprecedented five-year deal with Nike. year contract. Nike founder Phil Knight managed to persuade Jordan. Previously, the athlete turned down contracts with Converse and Adidas that promised $500,000 a year, $250,000 upfront, and his own line of shoes created by sneaker designer Peter C. Moore.

A year after Michael Jordan and “Whirlwind” struck a deal, the Air Jordan 1 debuted with the Air Jordan 1 logo, which Moore designed during a flight using a pen and a napkin. Initially, the high-top was not endorsed by Jordan. To be honest, he thought he would look like a clown if he wore them on the court. But the designs quickly attracted him, especially when he realized they made him feel so close to the court. Physically, of course.

When Jordan wore his Air Jordan 1s in late ’84, the shoes were in high demand. Unsurprisingly, almost all fans wanted a pair. So when the shoe finally went on sale for $65 on April 1, 1984, it was no surprise that it sold out immediately. On June 17, 1985, a Newsweek writer wrote: “This shoe comes off almost as fast as the Chicago Bulls’ valiant rising star himself.” After 35 sequels, There is a demand for every pair of Jordans that hit the market.

What are the best Air Jordan shoes you can buy?

Considering that there are currently 36 Jordan sneakers to choose from, expect sneaker newbies to have a hard time finding their way in the sneaker line. Enter our rundown of 12 of the best Air Jordans, now seen in silhouette in decline over the past 50 years.


First Release: 1986

Best Color: “White/Varsity Red/Black”

Above is “Grey Fog” by United Los Angeles.

The oft-overlooked Air Jordan 2 is the current moment. First, there was the Off-White x Air Jordan 2 in late-21, then there was the United Los Angeles x Air Jordan 2 pack in April ’22, and now we’re gearing up to release the A Ma Maniére Air Jordan 2. Tired of raffles? Only a pair of AJ2s are available on the used market right now.


First Release: 1985

Best Color Design: “Chicago”

Pictured above is Colourway: “Legacy”

The Air Jordan 1 is the cornerstone of the world’s most prestigious sneaker line, and for good reason. The OCOG hyped the sneaker—a relic from the beginning of the sneaker craze; a big bang in the sneaker world, if you will—and has been coveted since its debut. How did Jordan Brand keep the 37-year-old alive? Swap the shoes in a variety of colors.


First Release: 1997

Best Color Design: “Flint”

Color of image above: “Del Sol”

Michael Jordan has many nicknames, the most popular of which is “Black Cat” – a nickname derived from the athlete’s sneaky moves on the court. Tinker Hatfield famously took inspiration from this moniker when designing the Air Jordan 13. The shoe features its leopard claw outsole, cat-eye holographic badges and Zoom Air technology for improved stealth.


First Release: 1989

Best Color: “Black Cat”

Pictured above in color: “Fire Red”

After the AJ1, the AJ4 is almost certainly the most popular shoe with the Jordan name on it. Favored by original crep collectors – thanks in Dave’s Clash (feat. Gen Z sneaker fans, the Air Jordan 4 is, and always is, one of the best-selling sneakers in the Jordan line. Look for new and classic colors , with occasional declines throughout the year.


First Release: 1988

Best Color: “White Cement”

Color above: “Cool Grey”

Later designing the groundbreaking Air Max 1 sneaker, architect Tinker Hatfield was recruited by Jordan Brand to design the third Air Jordan model. As a result, Jordan’s disciples developed a huge interest in the elephant print and the now coveted Jumpman logo. The likes of Justin Timberlake, Spike Lee and Jay-Z, Ye and Kim K have incorporated the AJ3 into their looks over the years, and now It’s your turn to discover what this silhouette can do to your style.


First Release: 1990

Best Color Design: “Grapes”

Color above: “Alternate Grape”

The Air Jordan 5 is beloved by sneaker fans around the world for a number of reasons—first, the super-comfortable padded collar, lace locks, and prominent ‘sharktooth’ detailing. But the reason ’90s sneakers have always held a special place in our hearts is because we associate it with a TV show that made us grow up: the Fresh Prince of belair. Our Favorite AJ5 Moment Came From Shoes? This Must Be a Dream Snippet From Season 1, Episode 11.


First Release: 1995

Best Color: “Space Jam”

Color above: “Cool Grey”

Michael Jordan’s 1995-1996 NBA season is widely considered to be his best: he played Jordan 11 in pairs in a series of games. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to add a pair of aj11s to your collection, this leather-trimmed patent shoe at Space Jam is.


First Release: 2021

Best Color: “Mind Energy”

Colourway pictured above: “Mind Energy”

The latest addition to the Air Jordan collection is the Air Jordan 36, an ultralight shoe full of innovative details and materials. From the jacquard leno weave upper layer to the full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit, this model is light years ahead of its time and appropriately boasts a captivating space-age look.


First Release: 1991

Best Color: “Black Infrared”

Colourway pictured above: UNC’s “University Blue”

To be respected in the sneaker world, you have to have certain shoe styles, and the Air Jordan 6 is one of them. This unique Jordan sneaker is inspired by Jordan’s Porsche 911, made famous by the shoe Jordan wore when he won his first championship with the Chicago Bulls. Also, it’s synonymous with “My Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy Age for Ye (aka Best Ye Age)”. So, in short, it’s a need, not a want.


First Release: 1998

Best Color: CLOT “Terracotta”

Color above: CLOT “Terracotta”

Speaking of car-inspired Jordans, another Tinker Hatfield-designed Air Jordan 14 is based on the basketball icon’s Ferrari 550M. We mean, once you start working on the design, it’s pretty obvious: there are triangular logo badges, race-inspired OG colors, aerodynamic sidewalls and more! Which pair of AJ14s should you focus on? Just Personally, we recommend choosing one of the two 2021 releases to pay homage to East Asia: CLOT x Air Jordan 14 ‘Terra Blush’ or Aleali May x Air Jordan 14′ Fortune.


First Release: 2018

Best Color Award: “Travis Scott”

Pictured above is Coway: “Travis Scott”

Would we care about the Air Jordan 33 if it weren’t for Travis Scott and his militaristic interpretation of the 2018 silhouette? Maybe not. Still, we’re grateful to the Houston-born rapper for giving us a glimpse of the fast-fit-enhanced silhouette we’ve relied on since it delivered to our door in 2019. Give this underrated man some love today.


First Release: 1992

Best Color Design: “Bunny”

Color pictured above: “Sapphire”

To us, the Air Jordan 7 is, and will always be, an iconic Jordan silhouette because of its role in connecting the worlds of Bugs Bunny and basketball. In 1992, the same year the AJ7 was released, a Jordan ad called “Hare Jordan” was produced, starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny for the then-new look. Build momentum.

With the help of Nike and filmmaker Ivan Reitman, Warner Bros. approved the Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny films. See why your hangers need a pair or two right now.

This year is undoubtedly the new year of Air Jordan 2. While confirming the return of the classic “Chicago”, Jordan Brand also invited brands or artists such as A Ma Maniere, UNION, Maison Chateau Rouge and Nina Chanel Abney to help it. Of course, there is a joint project with J Balvin again.

This is also the second time the two sides have joined forces after the last Air Jordan 1. This time, the body of the Air Jordan 2 is covered with gray and blue tones. At the same time, there are a lot of blue sky and white cloud patterns on the tongue and lining. In addition to the iconic smiley logo on the heel, it is also equipped with a luminous effect outsole and the flying wings of the tongue are luminous.

Looking back at the past release history of the entire Air Jordan 6, the popularity of the classic Oreo is in the hearts of some shoe fans, but it does not lose the OG color matching such as black red and carmine red, but Jordan Brand has not planned to re-enact it yet, but launched a combination of its “Red Oreo” featuring details, Red Oreo is expected to be released on June 4th! ~

The whole is based on the classic silhouette of AJ6, with a large area of white running through the body of the shoe, a little red to decorate the details such as the heel ring, the midsole and other details, and the injection of white splashing ink gives the whole a little red Oreo effect. The blue translucent outsole finishes!


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